Best Tips For Buying Diamond Rings To Surprise Your Girlfriend On Christmas Eve.

The most common month for engagements in December. Continue Reading →

How To Get Over An Ex You Still Love

Letting go of a person you love can be the hardest choice you’ll ever have to make. Continue Reading →

How To Deal With Your Love For Hunting During A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has led a significant blow to most indoor and outdoor activities, including hunting. Continue Reading →

His And Hers, Gift Ideas For Lovely Couples

Being in a long and committed relationship with someone is a wonderful thing. Especially if the two of you share the same emotions and interests; if this is the case, you are a very lucky person. Continue Reading →

Love Is In The Air, Tamron Hall Officiates Virtual Wedding For Harlem Couple (Video)

On Wednesday, May 13th, 2020, edition of “Tamron Hall Show,” Tamron celebrated love by officiating the virtual wedding of Harlem, New York couple Aisha Becker-Burrowes and Kelton Cumberbatch. Continue Reading →

Fashion Looks For 2020 Spring/Summer

This year in the fashion industry, leading designers were more concerned about sustainability, going green, and the economic state more than the myriad of spring and summer 2020 trends. Continue Reading →

What Happens To Your Body When You Fight With Your Partner

Fighting goes hand in hand with loving, but even if you kiss and make up afterward, it can still be rough on your body. Continue Reading →

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