Join the Harlem World Magazine team to help create the best Harlem content we can.

Harlem World Magazine is a lifestyle and brand for anyone who has a Harlem state of mind, dedicated to news, history, the renaissance, and stories that celebrate our life and style.

The positions below are part-time unless otherwise noted:


An experienced editor-in-chief is the manager of any of our print or digital publications, from physical magazines, and guides to online magazines as a Harlem content company. The editor-in-chief helps determine the content of the publication, with the publisher having the final say in what is published and what isn’t, and leads the publication’s team of editors, and writers. The editor-in-chief is always in the highest position in an editorial. The editor-in-chief job is not an entry-level position; there are several skills and qualifications that can only be earned and learned over the course of a career in journalism in order to be a strong candidate. The Editor-in-chief has creative vision editorial skills, strong leadership, strong interpersonal skills, and can work virtually to name a few.

Part-time, 10-15 hours a week (to start).


We are seeking eager videographers, photographers, writers, and editors with great editing and writing chops who are ready to contribute to the continued growth and success of one of the web’s largest Harlem sites. Paid duties will range from weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly editorial tasks (writing, podcasts, etc.,) can work virtually to play a key role in ongoing editorial growth.

Part-time, Monthly, Quarterly, and annually.

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