Steps On How A Body Is Prepared For Cremation From Harlem To Harare

March 6, 2020

By Bretton Love

The process of cremation is an alternative to burial and serves as a funeral or post-funeral rite.

This method allows a dead body to go through its final disposition through the process of burning. Since cremation honors a life well lived with dignity; it is an assured ancient tradition that has been tested through time. And in recent years, the adoption of the cremation method for the disposition of dead bodies has increased a lot.

But that’s not really all that is needed to know before you go ahead and finalize if cremation is the right choice for either you or your loved ones. Instead, understanding the steps and procedures that a body goes through during cremation; are also important before making a decision. This way, you can be sure if you’re willing to choose this expensive as well as a hectic procedure – or not!

And so, without further ado; let’s just start exploring each and every process that a dead body goes through during its cremation.

Checking the Identity

Before a body is sent for cremation, it’s identity is identified. Once all the details of the person are collected and his/her cause of death is approved by the medical professionals, only then the procedure is taken further. Now to ensure the identity of the body and that the ashes reach the rightful owner after the cremation, special and focused tagging procedures are applied throughout the cremation process. Along with this, the body is also accompanied by a fire-resistant metal tag; in order to ensure that the identity isn’t confused either mistaken after a body’s cremation.

Removing all Danger Causing Substances

Once the identity is assured, the body is prepared to be kept inside the cremation container. The preparation includes removing all the jewelry or relevant substances in order to avoid any danger during cremation. Also, if (in rare cases), a body has gone through any surgical implant; then, for example, the implantable cardioverter-defibrillator device is also removed before cremation.

Placing Body Inside the Container

Each cremation process of a body takes place inside a rigid and combustible container. This is very important; in order to allow the cremation process to take place in a proper method. Although when you hire the cremation service provider, many don’t include the cardboard container in the price of the cremation. So, if you want your loved one’s cremation process to take place in the right and peaceful way; it’s always better to ask the service you’re choosing if they’re managing everything for you rightly.

Body Enters the Chamber for Cremation

Mostly, it is misunderstood by people that the cremation process takes place by allowing the body to get exposed to the flames. But that isn’t really how cremation works. Instead, when the body is placed inside the combustible container; it is then kept inside a cremation chamber which is preheated. This chamber takes a time of about 2-3 hours in total to make the inside content’s breakdown in the form of ashes.

The Ashes are Refined

Once the ashes are formed, they are left for cooling. After this, the ashes of your loved ones are checked for any kind of remaining impurities. If there is any impurity there, then it is removed by hand through the cremation service providers you would choose. Next, the ashes are moved to a cremulator that refines the ashes and turns it into a fine powder. Afterward, the cremation process finally comes to an end and your loved one’s ashes have been fully prepared and taken care of.

The Ashes Now Return

Lastly, when the whole cremation process is completed; it is time for you to receive your loved one’s ashes in a suitable container of your choice. For this, it is always better to ask the cremation services to send you the ashes in a container of your choice. Going for custom urns will allow you to choose the material of the urn you would like to keep your loved one in, it also allows you to add personal touches to it. Making it more memorable and special to you. 

Once you’ve gone through the steps that a body goes through during the cremation, and finalize to choose it too – there are a few more options for a cremation to decide from according to your ease. This means that if you’re having your loved one’s body cremated, you can always prepare a memorial at a church or home before cremating the body. Otherwise, in terms of low budget; a direct cremation is also an affordable option.

Photo credit: 1) Harlem World Magazine.  2) Via pixabay

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