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The World’s Best Film Library

Like Harlem’s Sammy Davis Jr., kicking the air and taking names!

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) launched in 1994, we love them, they are the best classic films of all time from one of the largest film libraries in the world.

Fabulous films curated by Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and others. 

Tip: Their Wine Club is the hot ticket. 


A Historical Enclave

East Harlem, often overshadowed by Harlem and the Upper East Side, holds a rich historical legacy.

Since the early 1800s, East Harlem has welcomed a rich tapestry of immigrants, from African Americans to Europeans, leaving a lasting cultural and culinary legacy. “East Harlem” is the first visual history book to chronicle this diverse heritage, showcasing factories, tenements, influential figures like Mayor LaGuardia, and iconic landmarks.

East Harlem’s history past, present, and future.

Tip: This collection encapsulates East Harlem’s remarkable past.


Best Scent In Harlem

Founded in 2014 by Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company draws inspiration from her world travels,

She was creating fantastic sensory experiences with fantastic notes. Experience the heartwarming scents of St. Nicholas Ave in Harlem, where they’ve encapsulated the quintessential neighborhood charm and spirit as you indulge in the ultimate luxury candle! Drawing inspiration from her journeys across 68 countries.

Teri inspired her to handcrail over a thousand candles in her kitchen.

Tip: A fragrance house, a chemist, and a fragrance expert collaboration was key.


The Best Mafia Business Film

Hitmen: The Mafia, Drugs, and the East Harlem Purple Gang,” from humble beginnings on the fringes of Mafia families.

The Purple Gang members rose to prominence, infiltrating the highest echelons of the Genovese, Bonanno, and Lucchese clans. Functioning as freelance hitmen, kidnappers, and drug traffickers, their criminal exploits quickly evolved into legendary tales, and captivating media outlets as they struggled to keep pace with the body count.

Author Scott M. Deitche’s narrative immerses the readers in the gritty streets of Harlem.

Tip: Rumor has it that The Purple Gang is still active but undercover.


The Best Luxury of the Century

Chanel was founded in 1910 by designer, visionary, and artist, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel in Paris, France.

Discover the luxury in fashion, fragrance, and fine jewelry. Today Creative director has masterfully merged classic Chanel elements with avant-garde designs, resulting in a collection that’s both nostalgic and forward-thinking. The company’s commitment to quality continues to the mastery of Chanel’s creations to redefine modern elegance.

Balenciaga in Harlem in the 1940s speaks to the Harlem connection.

Tip: Seasonal promotions are the best options and start early.


The Best Hand-crafted artisan goods

Join the GlobeIn a community for artisans collectibles from around the globe that are great work at members-only pricing.

Where you can choose and personalize your experience and select the items you want at a fair price for great handmade quality meals. Each month, GlobeIn introduces a new curated box filled with handmade products from around the globe, all of which will look beautiful in your home and even better in your stomach.

Let their editors curate a distinct collection of artisanal products for you. 

Tip: Order the personalized boxes.


The Best at Delivering food just in time

FreshDirect, a pioneering East Coast online grocery service, impresses with its vast range of fresh produce, and meals.

With same-day or next-day delivery options, it seamlessly caters to busy lives, making grocery shopping a hassle-free experience from the comfort of home. FreshDirect was the cheapest before fees and only slightly more than Stop & Shop with the $10 tip and $6 delivery charge added.

Fresh Direct is one of the best grocery delivery services, apps, and websites.

Tip: Go to their “Deals and Sales” page for promotions.


The Best Cup of Coffee

illy, a true coffee icon is celebrated for its exceptional brew. Meticulously crafted from nine pure Arabica bean varieties.

This coffee masterpiece continues to enchant millions daily, providing aficionados around the world with a source of delightful daily indulgence and a testament to coffee perfection. Their Coffee Bros Espresso Blend (Medium roast) is the best, based on their philosophy of storing their beans in a refrigerator, not a freezer.

It captivates with its velvety, high-quality taste.

Tip: Save 15%-50% on their site.


New uptown Style Best

Jimmy Choo, the eminent global luxury brand, exudes empowered glamour, playful daring, and irresistible sensuality.

Elevating the allure is exquisite Italian craftsmanship, setting a standard of excellence that defines the essence of sophistication and style. Step into the world of Jimmy Choo and embrace luxury redefined. A style that has been a leading global luxury brand with an empowered sense of glamour.

A playfully daring spirit, and a sexy cut, topped with exceptional Italian craftspersonship!

Tip:  Subscribe to get their newsletter for the latest collections.


 The Best Queen of American comfort food

Indulge in the culinary world of Melba Wilson, Harlem’s beloved queen of American yummy comfort food.

She invites you into her kitchen with “Melba’s American Comfort.” With a touch of sass and a lot of class, Melba shares 100 delectable recipes that infuse her signature style into beloved dishes, offering a taste of home with each bite. Ask about the fried chicken and eggnog waffles is the best.

As the owner Melba draws inspiration from her great-grandmother while adding her twists.

Tip: You heard right, ask about the fried chicken and eggnog waffles.


The Best in the Luxury Life

Christian Dior is the best in fashion and fragrances great as a gift any time of the year for that special one (like yourself).

French luxury goods hold a distinct captivating quality, designed to reveal one’s unique sense of style. Revealing one’s natural sense of style is all about what Harlem style is about.

As Dior said, “Trust your ideas and follow them through.”

Tip: “Trust your ideas and follow them through,” Dior.


A Handcrafted Best

Brahmin Handbags celebrates decades of handcrafting In the USA, using the finest leathers from Italy and around the world.

The bags are bold prints with sophisticated styles that allow you to create a look that is all your own with crossbody bags, satchels, totes, you name it. Like the faux alligator print with user-friendly shapes and styles that are eye-catching, textural, and beautiful all made of the finest quality, and chic.

With a combination of fabulous colors from fuchsia to purple.

Tip: Consider a bag with different carrying options and adjustable straps.


Editor’s Pick Best

Discover the culinary tapestry of Harlem with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson‘s iconic restaurant.

Red Rooster, serves up a fusion of Southern comfort food and multicultural flavors. James Beard Award-winning eatery Red Rooster, Samuelsson created a restaurant that pays homage to Harlem’s history and his Swedish-Ethiopian heritage. The Red Rooster Cookbook beautifully captures this cultural blend through essays and photos.

Offer a multi-layered culinary experience that honors Harlem’s vibrant traditions.

Tip: Eat, hustle, and stay humble.


One of the Best In Digital Marketing

Constant Contact empowers small businesses, like those from Harlem and Hollywood.

Their new AI (artificial intelligence) and advanced automation tools make struggling through your marketing plans easy. With Constant Contact you can create segments for donors, members, volunteers, or whoever to target the right audience. Easy to use, real-time reporting, and with thousands of Integrations.

Affordable Plans. With robust digital marketing tools to level the playing field.

Tip: We love and use their Segmentation Program in-house with our subscribers.


Small Business Bests For Owners Running Their Businesses

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers.

It streamlines financial tasks like invoicing, expense tracking, and time management, making it easy to manage your finances efficiently. FreshBooks empowers entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best while keeping their finances in check. Great software we love and use along with another platform.

With user-friendly features and customizable templates. 

Tip: We love forwarding email receipts to clients.


The Best Sip Back & Relax

Shop Drizly for the best wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits online delivery service.

Drizly is an online ordering and delivery platform that facilitates the delivery of alcoholic beverages from local retailers using its mobile app or website platforms. As of December 31, 2020, the company had approximately 4,000 retail partners and we’re sure by now that has increased.

Can be delivered directly to you in Harlem or wherever you are.

Tip: Perfect for a late-night celebration and/or a quiet night.


Best Accessible, Uncomplicated, & Diverse

At Glossier, beauty is about you, your beauty. From their formulas to their packaging.

Playful shades to serious skin. Glossier was built to make beauty accessible, uncomplicated, and diverse for readers like you! We love the Glossier Grant Program invests in Black beauty entrepreneurs to address legacies of inequity, exclusion, and barriers to fundraising.

A product that showcases diverse skin types can be rare.

Tip: A unique focus to help soothe facial redness. 


The best home for the toes

Birkenstock, its tradition and heritage, is a company deeply rooted in the fine art of crafting premium for our feet in all colors and sizes.

These high-quality shoes are made of high-end Habana leather that has been good for those toes since 1774. Turns out that the style is still a top search query in 2023. If you want sandals that allow more airflow to your feet.

Then check out this shoe it’s the shoe for you.

Tip: Do not leave these shoes in direct sunlight the leather will fade.


Fall, Spring, And Summer of Love

Paris Blues in Harlem, in Harlem, unfolds as Paris races against time to rescue her grandfather’s struggling uptown jazz club.

Faced with a critical decision, she strives to halt the financial decline of the historic establishment. Her window of opportunity is small and closing as each day passes, with mere hours to persuade her grandfather to accept a substantial cash offer from one of those determined real estate agents.

The work is both real world and imagined.

Tip: A great true-life Harlem story.


The Best Witness in History

The book Witness delves into the rich tapestry of the renowned Abyssinian Baptist Church, nestled in Harlem, NYC.

Spanning back to its inception in 1809, this compelling narrative weaves through its numerous relocations, venerable senior pastors who graced its pulpit, and the myriad trials and victories that have marked its enduring journey up to the present day. During the 1930s, an era preceding the rise of megachurches.

Abyssinian Baptist stood as the largest Protestant congregation in the United States.

Tip: A basic resource in African American history.


Premier in Best Bike Rentals & Tours

Unlimited Biking, established in 2010 in NYC with just a few bikes, has since expanded from Harlem Meer to Hollywood.

Offering affordable rates, robust, well-maintained bicycles, and flexible monthly rental options. Unlimited Biking stands as the premier choice for bike rentals, tours, and experiences. With a plethora of satisfied customers, they guarantee unparalleled biking adventures catering to tourists and Harlemites.

Exploring fresh ways to experience the greatest community.

Tip: Use bike-friendly trails in West Harlem.


Best Works by Harlem’s Sheila Bridges’ & other artists

The Met Store is a beloved destination for enthusiasts of fine art-inspired collectibles.

They showcase an array of meticulously crafted products, publications, and gifts inspired by The Met’s extensive collection, its ever-changing exhibitions, and the rich tapestry of art spanning 5,000 years and originating from diverse corners of the world.

These treasures make for impeccable gifts year-round.

Tip: Perfect gifts for any time of year.


The Best in Harlem History Gaming

Embark on a journey through Harlem history with “Harlem-Opoly” a creative twist on the classic board game.

Explore the cultural scene of the 1920s and 1930s NYC, celebrating iconic like Josephine Baker, Fats Waller, Madame Stephanie St. Clair, Marcus Garvey and more. Acquire Harlem landmarks such as the Apollo Theater and Abyssinian Baptist Church. Earn St. Clair Dollars, inspired by the real currency of 1920s Harlem.

A gift for enthusiasts of history and a unique addition to your board game collection.

Tip: Creator Carolyn Johnson is from Harlem.


A Harlem Original

Voices Of East Harlem was born from Charles “Chuck” Griffin’s community initiative from 1969 to 1974.

Created their legacy with four albums recorded on Harlem’s historic 125th Street. Their music left an enduring imprint on the music scene. The Voices of East Harlem was an African-American vocal ensemble of up to 20 singers, aged between 12 and 21. Founded as a community initiative in 1969, with four albums in the early and mid-1970s. 

This is a special limited edition available on Amazon Audio.

Tip: This is a special Amazon audio limited edition.


The Best Rising All Tides

Harlem Rising delves into the profound legacy of the Harlem Children’s Zone.

Harlem Rising chronicles the remarkable history and lives transformed by Harlem Children’s Zone – named one of the most ambitious social experiments created to break the cycle of poverty. Using archival footage filmed by Black and Brown youth from the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s, the film captures the transformation of NYC’s.

Harlem through the unique lens of generations of students. support.

Tip: Never give up on young people and they will not give up on you.


A Homage to Harlem

Gregory Porter’s artistry is truly captivating, and his song “On My Way To Harlem” stands out with its achingly poignant lyrics brimming with righteous anger. One of the great jazz vocalists of our time Gregory Porter delivers a soulful performance of his song “On My Way to Harlem.” 

Each of his songs is a masterpiece, but this one holds a special place in our hearts.

Gregory Porter’s talent is simply irresistible, and we can’t help but love him.

Tip: HWM ranked #1.


Bring the Best Muscle to your Hustle

Sovrn, since 2014, has empowered creators with powerful tools for a top-tier reader experience and increased revenue.

Creators like you are what make the Internet an awesome marketplace of ideas, content, and commerce. You strive to deliver a top-notch reader experience and remain independent. Since 2014, we’ve delivered powerful but easy-to-use tools and technologies so you can grow your revenue and remain independent.

So get out there and optimize for today’s reality while embracing tomorrow with certainty.

Tip: The company uses Data Collective to help you generate revenue.


The Best No stores. No gimmicks. No frills. Bike

Priority Bicycles is on a mission to craft the world’s finest bicycles at an unbeatable value.

Their approach is refreshingly uncomplicated: they utilize premium components, streamline their supply chain, maintain minimal overhead, and embrace an online business model. This winning formula ensures that their bicycles stand out as a testament to quality and affordability.

Their strategy is simple: high-quality parts, an efficient supply chain, low overhead, and an online business model.

Tip: The aluminum Priority Continuum Onyx frames are a bargain.


Fred Williamson – The Man!

The underworld king of Harlem becomes a modern-day Robin Hood in Hell Up In Harlem.

Especially when he goes up against dishonest politicians and a corrupt police department. Following his survival of an assassination attempt, Tommy Gibbs faces off against corrupt NY District Attorney DiAngelo. His mission: rid Harlem’s streets of drug pushing while maintaining his other illicit enterprises.

Family problems and revelations of his ex-wife’s death prepare us for payback against DiAngelo in a saga of power and betrayal.

Tip: The black godfather!


The Best from Our Planet

Patagonia is a designer of outdoor clothing and gear for silent sports like rock climbing, hiking, and more.

From climbing, surfing, skiing and snowboarding, fly fishing, and trail running. They are one of the best American retailers of outdoor recreation clothing founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973 based in the USA, operating factories around the world. They design their durable clothing and outdoor gear for everyday go-anywhere use.

Shop durable gear for men, women, kids, and babies, and donate 1% for the Planet.

Tip: Plan everything way ahead of time.


The best in Italian

Rao’s is the legendary, tiny corner restaurant in East Harlem where it’s impossible to book a table: each of the red-checked.

Cloth-covered four-, six-, and two-tops are reserved for a titan of New York industry, a celebrity, or a major politician. Permanently. Now Frank Pellegrino, the third generation of his family to operate the impossible-to-get-into Rao’s restaurant in East Harlem and founder of Rao’s food products line, goes deep into the history of his family.

The restaurant and our love affair with Southern Italian cooking come together.

Tip: Chicken Noodle soup is the hot pick.


An Amazon Original Best

Writer Tracy Oliver’s, comedy Harlem follows four stylish and ambitious best girlfriends.

They are set up for the next phase of their careers, relationships, and Harlem dreams. From writer Tracy Oliver, a new comedy following four stylish and ambitious girlfriends in Harlem, a rising star professor struggling to make space for love; a savvy tech entrepreneur always dating; a no-filter singer; and a hopeless fashion designer.

Together, they level up into the next phase of their careers, relationships & big city dreams.

Tip: Oliver’s comedic insight is unique.


Best Home Smart Sound System

Sonos is the ultimate wireless home premier smart sound system: it’s easy to use with a whole-house WiFi network.

Sonos is an American developer and manufacturer of audio products best known for its multi-room audio products. It fills your home with the best in sound, room-by-room use. Introducing the new free radio experience. Access thousands of radio stations from around the world, and listen to curated genre stations.

Sonos is the ultimate wireless sound system that fills your home with brilliant sound.

Tip: Connect to Amazon Alexa for more functionality.


Best Primetime Emmy Winner

The series Godfather of Harlem was created by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein.

It was inspired by crime boss Bumpy Johnson’s return to a crumbling 1960s Harlem. Starring Forest Whitaker and an all-star cast. In the early 1960s, infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson returns from 10 years in prison to find the neighborhood he once ruled in shambles; with the streets controlled by the Italian mob.

After all this time Bumpy must take on the Genovese crime family to regain control.

Tip: An Primetime Emmy-winner.


The Best in Wedding Gear

Oscar de la Renta ready-to-wear, bridal, accessories, children’s, home, beauty, and the internationally known couturier.

What a biography, Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo, known professionally as Oscar de la Renta, was a Dominican fashion designer. Born in Santo Domingo, he was trained by Cristóbal Balenciaga and Antonio del Castillo and he dressed First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, almost as good as dressing the First Lady of Harlem Teyana Taylor.

De la Renta became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers.

Tip: A brand with “heritage, legacy, and history.”


Best Of Timeless Style

Burberry is a British luxury fashion house established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry in London, England.

Discover classic trench coats, fabulous leather bags, chunky sneakers, Clothing, Shoes, and jewelry from a great selection of Totes, Shoulder Bags, crossbody bags, classy Clutches, Evening Bags, Satchels, and more – great style accents for your wardrobe any time of the day or night.

We love Burberry Classic, with blackcurrant, green apple, jasmine, and sandalwood notes.

Tip: We love the basics like the baseball cap.


History, Transitions & Resilience

Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem: A Memoir is an excellent and captivating one of the best reads around.

It offers profound insights into culture, hip-hop, and fashion. Praised as a true icon, Dapper Dan’s journey from a Harlem hustler to a world-renowned designer is the epitome of self-made success. His memoir takes readers on a thrilling ride through over seventy years of American history.

A Harlem where innovation, style, and resilience shine against the backdrop of change.

Tip: Valuable life lessons throughout.


Textures, purposeful & gold Best

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur, born on July 11, 1934, in Piacenza, Italy.

Giorgio Armani is one of the best designers to explore the female form and his tailored menswear. With textures and refined layering, the design aesthetic elevates the brand’s sophisticated style. Refined elegance and quality are reflected in the House’s and Harlem’s classic style.

Giorgio Armani is an Italian his elegant menswear best known for his clever clothes.

Tip: We love the earthy neutral colors with year-round discounts.


50M artists, makers, & creative entrepreneurs

Weebly is an American web hosting and web development company headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

It is a subsidiary of Block, Inc. It was founded in 2006 by Chief Executive Officer David Rusenko, Chief Technology Officer Chris Fanini, and former Chief Product Officer Dan Veltri. Enjoy the freedom to create, launch, and grow your user-friendly freemium website directly from your iPhone or iPad,

Sign up and look for subscriber offers as they wherever, whenever around the world.

Tip: Use an authentic drag-and-drop website builder is the ticket.


Best Gear for Your Doggy

Embrace the Ruff Wear collection for those dog days of summer and enhance your adventure.

You can do that with high-quality cooling dog harnesses, vests, and accessories designed to keep your furry friend comfortable in the heat, easy cleaning, and premium feel products boast exceptional craftspersonship. The harness is effortlessly adjustable and simple to put on—no more struggling with your dog’s paws.

Made with robust materials, the meticulously crafted adjustment buckles ensure a secure fit.

Tip: A front clip harness is best for dog walks and frequently discounted.


 The best of Old-world apothecary

Kiehl’s best-selling skincare, for the body, and hair care is powered by nature and science.

Discover Kiehl’s skincare, body care, and hair care powered by nature and science. Experience our gentle, yet potent solutions for healthy-looking skin. Experience their gentle, yet potent solutions for healthy-looking skin since 1851 in NYC. Discover skincare, hair care, bath & body, and more for both women and men.

On a mission to help you achieve healthier-looking skin.

Tip: Book an appointment with a skincare pro.


Luxury Tailored to Perfection best

Eton is a Swedish manufacturer of some of the best in men’s style-savvy shirts, founded in 1928.

Eton shirts are an exquisite choice for the style-savvy gent. Tailored to perfection with technical Swedish expertise. ETON is a leading, global luxury men’s shirt and accessories brand, founded in 1928 in the village of Gånghester, Sweden. Dedicated to quality, innovation, and style.

Today, Eton is a brand, sold around the block around the world.

Tip: With quality, there are simply no shortcuts.


Leaders, Legends And Trailblazers

In 1958, Art Kane’s iconic photo ‘A Great Day In Harlem, with jazz legends narrated by Quincy Jones.

This Oscar-nominated documentary explores their captivating lives and music history. In August of 1958, in front of a Harlem brownstone, first-time photographer Art Kane assembled 57 of the greatest jazz stars of all time and snapped a picture that would live forever, this is “irresistible” (Kevin Thomas, LA Times).

Examines the fascinating lives of the musicians who showed up that day to make history.

Tip: Makes a great art gift.


Out-of-the-box best solution

Simplify campaign management with Ambassador’s integrations, seamlessly connecting to your CRM.

Also, add other essential business tools for best operations and streamline your campaign management effortlessly using Ambassador’s integrated solutions. With seamless connections to your CRM and vital business tools, optimizing your operations simplifies the complex, making your marketing campaigns more efficient and effective.

Elevate your business strategy with ease and precision.

Tip: Can manage and optimize all your programs.


No-fuss Cosmetics Is the Best

Discover the official Clinique site for skincare, makeup, fragrances moisturizers, foundations, lipsticks, and perfumes.

Find the perfect option for dry, oily, or combination skin from our vast collection. Even better we love that it’s allergy and dermatologists tested. Moreover, the brand maintains an inclusive approach to makeup, so, it creates products like foundations and concealers with a broad shade range, suitable for multiple skin tones and textures.

Their commitment to eco-friendly practices sets it apart from other brands in the industry.

Tip: A good cleanser is a vital step in every skincare routine.


Best Unforgettable experience and exceptional service

The Clermont Group is the world’s best hotel for opulent teas and luxurious weekends.

Offering practical features for a seamless experience. The Clermont Hotel Group: Where Hospitality Meets Diversity and Innovation. With three unique brands to choose from, we cater to every taste and budget. Our 17 hotels, 5,000+ bedrooms, and 120+ meeting spaces offer a guest-centered experience.

They embrace growth, innovation, and human connection, ensuring an extraordinary stay.

Tip: Breakfast or dinner are the best.


Best Fabrics that fit, flatter, and grow as your body does

Isabella Oliver is one of the great London-based baby brands, with a focus on environmental, ethical, and sustainable style.

That you can wear throughout your pregnancy and beyond. London-based, they champion eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable maternity wear that transcends pregnancy. Their fabrics adapt seamlessly to your changing body. They’ve dressed over 1 million women, focusing on comfort, quality, and fit.

Committed to the environment, community, eco-conscious fabrics and ethical partnerships.

Tip: Comfort, comfort, comfort.


The Best modern urban Hideaway near the Sea

Ready for a luxurious journey to Anantara World Islands Dubai Resorts & Spas.

A private beach, beachfront dining, sun loungers, swimming in heated lagoons. Since our inception in 2001 in Hua Hin, Thailand, we’ve expanded worldwide, offering luxurious escapes in Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Their thoughtfully designed properties immerse travelers in each destination’s unique character.

Creating memories through personal experiences.

Tip: Try the packages to save money.


Discover the great cities of the world

Big Bus Tours is the largest operator of open-top sightseeing bus tours in the world guiding and helping millions of tourists.

Discover the world’s iconic cities with Big Bus Tours, the global leader in open-top sightseeing adventures. With over 25 destinations across four continents, our fleet of buses and knowledgeable guides inspire adventure for millions of travelers annually. Join them on a journey to explore, learn, and make memories.

They bring the world’s best sights closer to you from Harlem to Harare.

Tip: Seek out Harlem locals and do some comparison shopping.


The Best Ecstasy without shame

LELO is one of the best luxury pleasure brands, leading the market in design, innovation, technology, and reputation.

It’s a self-care movement in which satisfaction transcends gender, orientation, race, and age. It’s not just a pleasure toy brand; it’s a self-care movement aimed at those who know that satisfaction transcends gender, orientation, race, and age. The experience of ecstasy without shame, and discovering all the wonders of one’s body.

Arming their customers with confidence leads to a fulfilled intimate life.

Tip: Use oil to increase success.


The Best in Sustainability and Collaboration

Harlem Grown A Story of Growth and Community Transformation turning an abandoned lot into a thriving farm.

The tells the story of the remarkable journey of Tony Hillery, who, driven by compassion and a desire for change with underprivileged students in Harlem. The story is brought to life by Jessie Hartland’s captivating illustrations, showcasing the power of education, collaboration, and healthy living.

As a not-for-profit initiative, the book’s proceeds reinforce its commitment to change.

Tip: Seek the knowledge of others.


The Best Iconic American Design

Since 1818, Brooks Brothers has upheld traditions and craftsmanship.

They are defined by over 200 years of American style, from presidents to industry leaders and cultural innovators from Abraham Lincoln, the Roosevelts, and Barack Obama (who went to Columbia In Harlem), to name a few. Brooks Brothers is the original authority on American style, offering stylish modern clothing.

They do it with fresh takes on heritage designs for men, women, and kids.

Tip: We love the cashmere sweaters.


Under extreme conditions the Best

Sugru adhesive repair putty is easy to use and perfect for crafting, upcycling, all colors, and molding by hand.

Sugru adhesive repair putty offers effortless application, making it ideal for crafting, upcycling, and hand molding. Simply let it cure overnight at room temperature, and you’re ready to go in the morning. Sugru, also known as Formerol, is a patented, skin-friendly silicone rubber that cures upon exposure to air, resembling modeling clay.

It bonds permanently to a wide range of materials, making it perfect for everyday fixes.

Tip: With a working time of 30 to 45 minutes and a curing time of 24 hours.


A Recyclable, Regenerative, & Organic Best

Joy Organics was born from a mother’s vision. Dedicated to exceptional CBD products using state-of-the-art technology.

Using the best ingredients to create a product that embodies a commitment to crafting exceptional CBD products rooted in innovation and excellence, matched by exceptional service. Co-founder Joy Smith’s personal journey with CBD, driven by her role as a mother, grandmother, and humanitarian, fuels this dedication to quality and care.

An introduction to CBD, seeking natural support, initiated a path of discovery and impact.

Tip: Top Diabetic-Friendly CBD Gummy.


Run faster and jump higher

The first insole designed specifically for sports shoes it was a breakthrough in cushioning and support.

They became the brand name PF Flyers, in 1937 when a deep athletic tradition was born. PF Flyers is an American brand of lifestyle shoes owned by Kassia Designs, LLC. Founded in 1937 by B.F. Goodrich, it is one of the original American sneakers.

Shop all their collections of diverse unisex shoes, featuring modern and classic designs for endless wearing occasions, including canvas and suede options.

Tip: One of the original OG’s.


The Best of an unforgettable moment

Over the past 30 years, the NYC-based Gabriel & Co. has created an extensive line of timeless pieces that encompasses classics.

Gabriel & Co. are led by brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel, they share a unique passion for the true value of fine jewelry and the emotions jewelry signifies. Over the past 30 years, Gabriel & Co. has earned the reputation of being passionate, dependable, and artistic classic and fashion-forward designers, creators, and manufacturers.

Their extensive line of timeless pieces brings together artistry with technology.

Tip: The best in fashion-forward design.


Best of the statement pieces

Tokyo Bags specializes in crafting high-quality, cruelty-free men’s using eco-friendly.

Tokyo Bags handcrafts premium quality vegan bags with 100% vegan, environmentally friendly, and sustainable materials while being absolutely cruelty-free. Sustainable materials include a unique and Padded laptop sleeve for devices up to 15’’ and Two Pop Pockets for water bottles, umbrellas, and spare shoes.

Not just the premium bags check out the customizable hoodies, shorts, shirts, and more.

Tip: Unisex vegan bags are a thing.


Elevating elegance to an art form

Explore 115 years of the best iconic and refined styles of Montblanc.

Delve into Montblanc’s 115-year legacy of iconic refinement. Established in Berlin in 1906 and now headquartered in Hamburg, this German luxury brand is renowned for its exquisite pens, including Ballpoint, Fountain, Rollerball, and Fine Liner varieties. Montblanc also boasts a distinguished line of high-end watches and jewelry.

Explore the timeless craftsmanship that defines Montblanc’s signature style.

Tip: A great birthday gift.


Nothing like the Best in Luxury

Founded in 1934 Oberoi Hotels & Resorts is renowned for warm, personalized service and award-winning 5-star properties.

With locations in India, Indonesia, Mauritius, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, Oberoi’s journey began with the inaugural Shimla Hotel. The philosophy of prioritizing the guest’s experience has transcended generations, fostering a culture where each guest is cherished an ethos shapes every interaction, ensuring guests are always happy.

Oberoi excels in forging a unique emotional connection with guests.

Tip: Book your reservations early.


Best-in-class Top-Tier

Norton LifeLock is dedicated to keeping people everywhere cyber-safe with their products and services.

They do this with other trusted brands including Norton, Avira, LifeLock, and ReputationDefender. With a portfolio that includes trusted brands like Norton, Avira, LifeLock, and ReputationDefender. They offer a comprehensive range of assets designed to protect individuals from online threats and safeguard their digital lives.

Norton LifeLock is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring global Cyber Safety.

Tip: We love their security and have saved the site a number of times.


The Best curated collection of Fat Bikes

ICAN loves fat bikes, you can see their love for them in their carefully curated collection.

The collection is completely made of high-quality carbon steel, a longer service life, and better heat dissipation. Crafted from premium carbon steel, these bikes offer exceptional durability, extended service life, and superior heat dissipation.

Explore the world of fat biking with ICAN and experience it. The perfect blend of performance and style.

Tip: Winner of the “Best Road Bike Brand.”


The Best in Harlem book cuisine

Winner of the James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook, “Between Harlem and Heaven” is a culinary revelation.

Celebrated chefs Alexander Smalls and JJ Johnson delve into Afro-Asian-American cuisine, uncovering its intricate layers of flavor. Drawing from three decades of global culinary exploration, they craft over 100 recipes that transcend geographical boundaries. This book is a tribute to the harmonious fusion of African, Asian, and American influences.

Beyond soul food, it’s a captivating journey between Harlem and heaven.

Tip: Original cuisine from a Harlemite.


The Best of where sophistication meets serenity

The Maca family-run team produces the best premium maca.

It’s very beneficial for endocrine and thyroid function enhancement of the immune system. The Maca family’s artisanal craftspersonship shines in their pure, and organic maca products. Renowned for its numerous benefits, from bolstering endocrine and thyroid function, their offerings stand as a testament to their dedication to quality and well-being.

It’s a family legacy that nurtures health and vitality.

Tip: Always keep your Maca fresh.


The Best of where sophistication meets serenity

In ‘More Myself,’ Harlem’s Alicia Keys, with Oprah, Jay-Z, and First Lady Obama, reflects on her life.

In her book Keys does a great job of blending autobiography and inspiration. In “More Myself,” the talented Harlem native, Alicia Keys, shares her remarkable journey with the likes of Oprah, Jay-Z, and former First Lady Obama. This unique memoir seamlessly blends autobiography and inspiration.

Offering an intimate glimpse into the life of a gifted artist who continues to captivate the world with her music and spirit.

Tip: How to keep yourself engaged with your self-discovery journey is key.


Best #1 Online Tea Retailer

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is a bespoke blend of British tea and coffee.

Was an independent family business family-run company for more than three generations when the Smith family retired to the UK from India. The Kent and Sussex Tea “Original Kenya Blend” and Coffee Company while our Kentish Roast Coffees have been served for decades across the southeast.

Selling 1000 types of loose-leaf teas and one of the top coffees.

Tip: No pinkies up, please.


The old heart of West Harlem

Manhattanville: Old Heart of West Harlem by Eric K. Washington delves into the amazing Manhattanville.

Harlem’s rich history, from its founding to notable residents and landmarks. Eric K. Washington’s “Manhattanville: Old Heart of West Harlem” offers a captivating exploration of Harlem’s historic district, Manhattanville. From its origins to the luminous figures who once called it home. This book unravels the tapestry of West Harlem’s past.

Celebrating its vibrant history and iconic landmarks for all to discover and cherish.

Tip: West Harlem is “Manhattanville.”


The Best link to Accommodations

The Derby Hotel emphasizes an incredible art collection and an excellent, pleasant, and very accommodating staff.

Derby Hotels Collection, founded in 1968 with the Derby Hotel, is one of Spain’s premier hotel chains. These establishments, located in historic buildings, house over 5,000 art pieces and offer a blend of art, culture, and luxury. With 22 buildings in major European capitals and a commitment to excellence and cultural heritage.

Derby Hotels Collection offers unique and personalized experiences to guests.

Tip: The restaurant is amazing.


The Best of digital music, movie, & podcast

It’s hard to beat Apple’s iTunes digital music, movie, and podcast player – we love the quality.

Join to get the newest streamed music and selections, and great customer service. Elevate your entertainment experience with iTunes, Apple’s premier digital platform. Immerse yourself in top-quality music, movies, and podcasts. Access a vast selection of content, stay updated with the latest releases, and enjoy excellent customer support.

Discover the best in digital entertainment with iTunes.

Tip: We love the platform for our podcasts.


Best-in-class Clothiers

Founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889-owned and operated by the same bloodline ever since with heavy-duty clothes.

Carhartt has been a longtime symbol of durable and top-notch workwear high-quality. This family-owned brand, led by the same lineage, continues to deliver heavy-duty clothing that withstands the test of time.

Explore the world of workwear excellence with Carhartt.

Where quality meets tradition, and craftsmanship reigns supreme.

Tip: Perfect gear for the winter.


The Best iconic gear in the world

The Turnbull family has been serving James Bond, the British royals, and the not-so-royals since 1885.

Their dedication to handmade clothing is engrained in the walls of their atelier. The Turnbull Family: Tailoring Excellence. For over a century, the Turnbull family has been synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, dressing the likes of James Bond, British royals, and discerning individuals alike.

Their commitment to the art of handmade clothing runs deep, woven into the very fabric.

Tip: The perfect close the deal gear.


Best In Digital Customer Service

Unleashing creativity, enhancing performance, and integrating ecosystems, are what WP Engine is about.

WP Engine is the ultimate platform for websites, where creativity soars, performance excels, and ecosystems seamlessly integrate. It’s the digital playground where your online presence truly takes flight, shaping a dynamic and immersive web experience unlike any other of the platforms out there.

Elevate digital experiences with the best platform for websites.

Tip: Gaining actionable insights is what we love.


One trillion of the Best Beneficial Bacteria

Progurt probiotic sachets, a super strength, gut health solution that unleashes the power of gut health.

Progurt presents a groundbreaking solution for gut health in the form of 100% natural probiotic sachets. These super-strength sachets harness the world’s most advanced human-isolated probiotic, offering a transformative approach to wellness. The perfect way to elevate your well-being.

Where cutting-edge science and the finest natural ingredients converge for a healthier you.

Tip: The best thing in the morning on an empty stomach.


A Fan-Centered Best

TIDAL Global music streaming unique artist experiences with Harlem’s Alicia Keys, Diddy, etc., streaming.

High-quality 100M+ songs, 650K+ videos through collaborations, and empowering artists’ true visions. Tidal is an excellent listening experience, despite the high cost of entry. Curated playlists, exclusive albums, video content, and master-quality audio. It is easy to use and can accomplish quite a lot with fill-in-the-blank forms. It’s an integration with many standard third-party tools.

From delicate instrumentals to powerful vocals, offers delivers the best experience. 

Tip: They do offer a free plan.


The Best Pet-vestment

US-based PetSafe has the world’s best-selling line of containment, training that lets you elevate your pet’s lifestyle.

Discover PetSafe, the US-based company renowned for the world’s best-selling line of pet containment and training solutions. With innovative products like bark control devices, laser cat toys, and more, PetSafe empowers pet owners to provide the ultimate in pet care, enhancing the lives of both pets and their devoted human companions.

Lifestyle solutions with bark control devices, laser cat toys, and more for pet owners.

Tip: A great training aid.


The Best is free of Peanuts, Dairy, & Gluten

Yummy, since 1869, Jelly Belly has been dedicated to producing the best highest quality confections.

The superior customer service, and an enjoyable product for the consuming public like us. Succulent, juicy, Jelly Belly beans in a wide assortment of delectable fruity flavors. On top of that they are All Jelly Belly jelly beans are free of peanuts, dairy, and gluten. They are also fat-free and contain only 4 calories.

These gourmet jelly beans have something for everybody, brimming with zest and tang.

Tip: We love the green minty ones.


Best Personalized digital experiences

With a vision of transforming technology, Adobe has thrived for four decades empowering global creativity and enabling everyone to craft and animate digital experiences.

For over four decades, Adobe has been at the forefront of transforming technology and empowering global creativity. Their innovative solutions enable individuals worldwide to craft and animate digital experiences, making creativity accessible to all.

We love Adobe it’s been a cool experience creating digital images.

Tip: It’s super user-friendly.


The Best Handcrafted Boots 

Hunter Boot is a British footwear manufacturer that is known for its handcrafted high quality.

They are natural vulcanized rubber Wellington “Wellies” boots established in 1856 in Scotland and have earned a global following, including celebrities like Megan and Taylor. etc. Hunter Boot is a revered British footwear manufacturer. Their iconic Wellington “Wellies” boots are made from natural vulcanized rubber.

Step into timeless style and unmatched craftsmanship with Hunter Boot.

Tip: Unlike other boots Hunter boots are adjustable.


The Best of Heritage spoken out loud

Zora Neale Hurston, the Harlem Renaissance author, unveils a great collection of eight “lost” Harlem stories.

We love these stories that illuminate African-American life and culture, narrated by Aunjanue Ellis. The book provides an opportunity to rediscover Harlem’s Hidden Gems: Zora Neale Hurston’s Lost Stories. Renowned Harlem Renaissance author Zora Neale Hurston’s treasure trove of eight “lost” Harlem stories is a literary revelation.

Dive into this rich cultural tapestry and experience Harlem’s vibrant past anew.

Tip: An Amazon Editor’s pick.


Our Melt-in-your-mouth Best

Ghirardelli‘s purpose-driven collaboration and innovation spread chocolate joy to new people and places.

Ghirardelli’s purposeful pursuit of chocolate joy illustrates their unwavering commitment to collaboration and innovation going beyond crafting exceptional chocolates. With a purpose-driven approach, they spread the joy of chocolate to diverse people and places, infusing meaning into every endeavor as someone explores their delicious creations.

There is something to their passion that fuels their pursuit of perfection.

Tip: Our faves are the Milk Chocolate Caramel squares all day, every day.


An indispensable guide

Walking Harlem: The Ultimate Guide to the Cultural Capital of Black America is a way to discover Harlem’s history.

Step into Harlem’s vibrant past and explore its cultural tapestry through five captivating walking tours featured in this illustrated guidebook. Curated by Harlem resident Karen Taborn, these tours reveal ninety-one historical sites, ranging from iconic landmarks like the Apollo Theater to hidden treasures like Jazz Age speakeasies.

Immerse yourself in Harlem’s political, religious, and artistic legacy you’ll love it.

Tip: Check out the detailed maps, estimated walk times, and dining recommendations.


The Best Quality Game

Delve into Harlem’s rich history with Laurance King’s Harlem Renaissance puzzle of artists from the early 20th century.

These artists include Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington. Laurance King invites you to immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Harlem with their captivating puzzle. Featuring Harlem Renaissance luminaries from the early 20th century, a tribute to the artistic brilliance that defined an era.

Piece together history while indulging in a delightful challenge.

Tip: An Amazon Choice selection.


Barista-approved plant milk

Elmhurst is the best-tasting most natural walnut milk we’ve tasted. It even tastes better than almond milk.

This is a fabulous nut milk. Not the dilute stuff. No gums or thickeners. No artificial vitamins. Elmhurst is a great nut milk with no added fillers the consistency is slightly rich and creamy, but still quite drinkable. It does have a rustic vibe it is made with only 2 ingredients (non-GMO cashews and water).

Truly satisfying and nutritious, perfectly balanced flavor, and is delicious and lactose-free.

Tip: The cashew milk is of superb quality and has no added sweeteners or thickeners. 


Zero scratchiness, zero catching and zero spluttering

Cross pens offer exceptional durability, lasting a lifetime of affordability, quick-drying ink, and smooth, skip-free writing.

Founded by Richard Cross in 1846, it pioneered the American fine writing instrument industry. Alonzo Townsend Cross, Richard’s visionary son, furthered the legacy with patented innovations. Today, With meticulous design, jewelry-quality craftsmanship, and a legacy of celebrated milestones, remain cherished family heirlooms that transcend generations.

The Cross Collection, is classics make them truly yours with personal engraving.

Tip: The NY Times called it “The best.”


Beauty & personal care products

Integrity Botanicals elevates your beauty routine with clean, luxurious, and eco-friendly products for holistic self-care.

Elevate your beauty ritual with Integrity Botanicals, offering an exquisite selection of clean, and eco-friendly products for holistic self-care. Discover luxurious options that prioritize integrity in both ingredients and sustainability, allowing you to pamper yourself guilt-free and look fabulous.

At Integrity Botanicals, we believe in natural ingredients that pamper your body and soul.

Tip: Send up for the newsletter to get their best offers, newest promotions, and hot deals.


The Best OG of Tech

Access Microsoft’s free online tools for collaboration, document storage, and software development.

We love the ability to use it across various devices and solutions. Unlock the power of Microsoft’s free online tools, seamlessly collaborating, storing documents, and developing software across a spectrum of devices and solutions. Harness the versatility and efficiency of these cutting-edge resources.

All to enhance your productivity and innovation, all at your fingertips.

Tip: Tools have a new Recall Sent Messages feature.


Bombproof & waterproof

Hitcases’ are well-crafted, cleverly designed, ultra-rugged with add-on point-of-view lenses, and excellent quality.

Deliver superb results in all weather from the snow, mud rain, and swamps. Hitcases are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, boasting clever design and unparalleled ruggedness. Their unique point-of-view lenses enhance the quality of your shots, delivering stunning results in the harshest of conditions.

Elevate your photography game, designed for adventurers who demand excellence.

Tip: If you use the iPhone’s Volume Button you can take underwater pictures.


Promote Pet Wellness inside & out

King Kalm products are produced with 100% hemp-derived CBD for dogs. Using high-quality ingredients pays close attention to the quality of its products, not cutting corners.

King Kalm’s line of products is dedicated to the well-being of your canine companions, crafted with 100% hemp-derived CBD. Their commitment to using only the finest ingredients ensures the utmost quality in every product, never compromising on excellence.

When it comes to your furry friends, trust King Kalm for CBD solutions that prioritize your pet’s health and happiness.

Tip: Forbes top-listed CBD for dogs.


Oscar Nominee

In Harlem Nights the proprietor of an after-hours club in 1930s Harlem and his adopted son stand up to a white mobster.

Taken from a true story the mobster who’s determined to steal their business. In ‘Harlem Nights,’ a 1930s Harlem nightclub owner and his adopted son confront a relentless white mobster bent on stealing their business. This classic film is perfect for a Saturday night with the whole family.

We love that the film is delivering entertainment that transcends generations.

Tip: A great Saturday night watch with the entire family.


Conversion rates 20-40% (and higher)

Leadpages leads the way in sales generation solutions, catering to non-designers and entrepreneurs alike.

Their offerings include three paid plans: Standard, Pro, and Advanced. The Standard plan grants access to a versatile landing page builder boasting 250+ conversion-optimized templates. Plus, it offers 10k AI Engine credits, a plethora of conversion tools, 90+ integrations, unlimited traffic, lead capabilities, and a help center.

Transform visitors into loyal customers effortlessly with Leadpages’ user-friendly templates. 

Tip: Save $300 annually on their Pro Level membership.


The Best overall Protein Powder

The award-winning That Protein is a plant-based organic protein, that blends beautifully with anything.

It tastes delicious, and it’s filling too supports gut health, enhances recovery, and boosts energy on those long work days. The nutrition is there to support your health and wellness life and style goals. Now you can have premium organic plant protein powders and superfoods in one amazing product.

NY Magazine called it “…one of the Best Protein Powders.”

Tip: Join their HIP Club for the benefits.


Connect with your customers

Top-tier 360 customer engagement and conversion rates with JivoChat’s seamless live chat integration.

The platform to connect with customers. Experience the pinnacle of customer engagement and conversion rates with JivoChat’s effortless live chat integration. This platform seamlessly connects you with your customers, consolidating all contact channels—live chat, social media, messengers, and phone calls—into one convenient location.

Elevating your customer interactions to new heights.

Tip: Go free and/or try their 14-day trial options.


Best Tools to Turn Your Dream into Reality

Google Workspace gives you the best tools you need to run your business like a pro.

Set up custom email, share files securely online, video chat from any device, and more. Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software, and products developed and marketed by Google. Make collaboration easier, streamline instruction, and keep your learning environment secure with Google Workspace for Education.

Google Workspace harnesses the power of generative AI to create, connect, and collaborate.

Tip: You can test their program for 14 days.


The Best laughs

Best Comedy Tickets has been selling tickets since 2001. You can purchase tickets online to the best comedy.

Check seating, where to eat, and how to get to where you’re going. Embarking on a laughter-filled journey. Since 2001, Best Comedy Tickets has been your portal to securing online tickets for the finest comedic experiences. You can explore seating options, dining recommendations, and convenient directions to your destination.

Your ticket to laughter awaits, ensuring a night of hilarity you won’t soon forget.

Tip: Subscribing to receive exclusive deals is a great benefit.


The Best Stories Behind Every Dish

Join BonAppetour foor community for their private and personalized food tours, cooking classes, and food experiences.

BonAppetour is a trusted community that allows travelers from Harlem to Harare to have an authentic travel experience by eating at the homes of locals. BonAppetour lets you discover amazing food experiences and events. Everything from food tours, cooking classes, bar crawls, dinner parties, and much more.

They built a food community with foodies together to talk about food on social media. 

Tip: promotions regularly on their site.


One-stop Shop for Old and New podcasters

Buzzsprout is a popular podcast hosting platform that simplifies the podcasting process for creators.

With user-friendly features, Buzzsprout enables podcasters to easily upload, schedule, and promote their content. Their comprehensive analytics provide insights into audience engagement and growth. Users can customize their podcast website and take advantage of distribution to all major podcast directories.

Buzzsprout’s dedication to user support and its user-friendly interface make it ideal.

Tip: It’s great for experienced podcasters like us.


 Pure, plant-based

Grayson is on a mission to give you good skin days, every day, with their powerfully natural plant-based.

It’s superfood skincare formulated that’s clinically proven, results-driven ingredients. Grayson: Unleashing the Power of Nature for Timeless Beauty. Elevate your skincare routine with Grayson’s plant-based, superfood-infused products. Clinically proven and results-driven, their skincare line ensures good skin days, every day.

Embrace the union of science and nature, unlocking the secret to radiant and healthy skin.

Tip: Keep it natural and simple.


Best Dance History, A Movement, & Celebration

Celebrate the journey of founder Arthur Mitchell of the first African-American ballet company.

The Dance Theatre of Harlem A History, A Movement, A Celebration book, nominated for the 2021 NAACP Image Award, chronicles the journey of the first African-American ballet company. From its 1960s beginnings in Harlem to its powerful performances and commitment to arts-based actions, with never-before-seen photographs.

They challenged ballet’s Eurocentricism, captivating audiences with Mandela, and Misty.

Tip: Very inspirational.


The Best powerful Security

BlogVault provides easy-to-use features to keep your site. You don’t have to be techy to use it.

No setup at all, because the setup is done automatically. BlogVault has the most reliable and easiest-to-use migration service. You can migrate an entire website in minutes with no manual effort. Comprehensive WordPress backup plugin with integrated staging, migration, and 1-click restore.

Get daily and real-time secure WordPress backups easily.

Tip: It’s been a must-have for us.


Best SEO Tool on the Market

SEMrush excels in competitive analysis, keyword research, domain analytics, web tracking, and site intelligence.

Semrush is an American public company that offers a SaaS platform known as Semrush. The platform is often used for keyword research, competitive analysis, site audits, backlink tracking, and comprehensive online visibility insights. With a great marketing toolkit for SEO, PPC, SMM, and content marketing professionals.

With 10M marketing users, 21 international awards, used by 30% of Fortune 500 companies.

Tip:  It helped us to better understand SEO principles.


The Best In Connecting with Your Visitors

Right Message founded in 2018, is great in assisting site owners to deliver better experiences to readers from new visitors.

Returning subscribers, and their most loyal customers. RightMessage helps you segment and survey your visitors, sync everything we learn to your ESP/CRM, and then deliver fully personalized experiences across your. With Right Message’s website personalization functionality,

All-in-one software for generating leads, segmenting your contact

Tip: Customize messages for our readers.


The Best of the Seedbanks

Seedsman in business since 2003, has high-quality seeds that have been modified and bred in-house to ensure durability. 

Delivery was quick and discreet which we love with some neighbors and kids. The experience is great and you always get some freebies from the staff. They have several great Breeders and their own product is very respectful. High-quality seeds and a wide array of strain selection of over 4,000+ strains!

Shipping is quick, affordable, delivered on-marked, and bred to the best.

Tip: Great loyalty program that lets you get a cut in cost.


The Best track for your Project

Royalty-free Music is used by audio specialists, copywriters, podcast jingle script writers, DJs, radio stations, and many more.

Unlock your audio potential with Music Radio Creative. They specialize in turning sound into an experience. With custom voiceovers, ads, jingles, royalty-free music, and podcast editing; they cater to all your audio and video needs. Their team helps experience at their one-stop shop from your Radio Imaging needs to Podcasting needs.

They don’t just edit, they create, innovate, and elevate your sound for a lasting impression.

Tip: Members get no-cost gifts with orders over $30.


The New Urban Aesthetic

Explore ‘Harlem Style‘ as it traces the global influence and historical roots of ‘Harlem Style.’

The book explores Harlem’s Urban Chic, a design compendium that pays tribute to the upscale urban dwellers. Designer Shade describes Harlem style as an eclectic blend of modernity with a unique ethnic twist, this resourceful guide strikes a perfect balance between social trends and interior design concepts.

Celebrating the global impact and historical significance of ‘Harlem Style’.

Tip: Pure inspiration for design enthusiasts like some of us.


Black is Beautiful

Blvck Paris is a lifestyle apparel & accessories brand, supported by millions of highly engaged social media followers. 

Founded in 2017 by French designer, Julian O’hayon known for its ‘All Black’ clothing, accessories, and leather for men and women. From visual content to merchandise, they strive to pioneer a new type of lifestyle focused on quality and design. The ‘All Black Lifestyle’ is a shift to live life on your own terms free from vanity.

The generic styles of traditional fashion have become obsolete, it’s time to Blvckout your life.

Tip: Become a member to unlock access to new benefits and immersive experiences.


The Best Creatives

Alamy is a playground for creatives looking for fresh and inclusive content collections including Netflix, and Red Bull.

Drawing from more than 150,000 content creators from every country in the world, our search empowers you to find creative and editorial stock photos, vectors, 360-degree images, and videos faster. At Alamy, they believe in the awesome pursuit of creative people and that difference and diversity power the creative mind.

They’re team-focused, strive to be bold and brave, and remember to do the right thing.

Tip: They have it all for you artists, representatives, and clients.


The Best ingredients available in the world

Fulton & Roark is a renowned men’s grooming and fragrance brand.

The fragrance is known for its innovative solid colognes, shave cream, and skincare products. Their premium, travel-friendly items combine luxury with functionality, appealing to modern gentlemen seeking a refined, on-the-go grooming experience. The perfect gift for the man in your life.

The brand embodies timeless elegance and masculine sophistication.

Tip: Merging sophistication and utility, redefining men’s grooming with excellence.


The Best in Natural Beauty

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is an iconic brand celebrated for its commitment to enhancing natural beauty.

Founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown, the brand emphasizes simplicity and inclusivity. Their wide range of products, including skincare, makeup, and fragrances, caters to all skin tones. Bobbi Brown’s quality formulations and timeless aesthetics empower individuals to feel confident and authentic.

Setting new standards in the beauty industry.

Tip: Use their foundations, eye shadows, and mascaras to enhance your natural beauty.


The finest tea available in loose and teabags

Whittard of Chelsea is a renowned purveyor of fine teas and coffee for a global audience.

Established in 1886, they offer an extensive selection of exquisite teas, sourced from across the globe. With a passion for quality and innovation, Whittard combines tradition and modernity to create unique blends, that appeal to diverse tastes. From classic English Breakfast to exotic infusions.

Whittard provides a tea experience that’s steeped in history and flavor.

Tip: We love their flavorful Earl Grey that’s a blend of Indian and Chinese teas.


Art & Style

Robert Snyder is a distinguished luxury brand renowned for its avant-garde designs.

Founded by the visionary designer Robert Snyder, the brand pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion. With a fusion of art and style, their collections are a symphony of creativity, inspiring the bold and the unconventional. Each piece is a work of art, reflecting a commitment to originality and self-expression.

Making Robert Snyder’s Fashion a symbol of unique, high-end couture.

Tip: Their collaboration with Champion is the ultimate in chic.


The Best in online events

Demio is a leading webinar and virtual event platform designed for businesses and organizations.

With a service to engage their audiences effectively. Demoi offers a user-friendly interface and an array of interactive features Demio simplifies the process of hosting webinars, workshops, and events. With customizable branding and integrations, it provides a seamless and professional experience.

Known for its reliability, ease of use, and commitment to help create online events.

Tip: We love the easy-use effective software link Demio.


The Best blazer and heel gear

L’Agence is a high-end fashion label recognized for its contemporary and timeless designs.

Founded by Margaret Maldonado and her partner in 2008, the brand has redefined modern luxury, blending Parisian chic with the relaxed elegance of Los Angeles. L’Agence offers a range of impeccably tailored clothing, from ready-to-wear to denim, characterized by clean lines and premium materials.

It embodies sophistication and effortlessly appeals to those who appreciate refined style.

Tip: The best in luxury jeans!


A Commitment to Excellence

TaylorMade is a renowned golf equipment manufacturer, celebrated for innovation in the sport.

Founded in 1979, the company has consistently delivered cutting-edge golf clubs, balls, and accessories. Their commitment to engineering excellence has garnered a strong following among professional and amateur golfers alike. TaylorMade’s products are known for pushing the limits of performance.

Providing golf enthusiasts with tools to enhance their game and deliver exceptional results.

Tip: Trade in your old clubs for new ones!


Handcrafted Perfection

Frye Boots, established in 1863, is an iconic American footwear brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and durability.

Crafting leather boots and shoes, Frye has stood the test of time as a symbol of rugged, timeless style. With a dedication to artisanal quality, each pair is handcrafted to perfection, making them both a fashion statement and a functional choice. Frye Boots has become a beloved classic.

By those who appreciate heritage and quality.

Tip:  Worn by soldiers for both sides of America’s Civil War!



Logo Company is a professional design agency specializing in crafting distinctive and memorable logos.

With talented graphic designers and a commitment to creativity, they help businesses establish a unique brand identity. Their logos are tailor-made to reflect a company’s values and vision, ensuring a lasting impact in a competitive market. Logo Company’s design expertise and dedication to client satisfaction make them a high choice.

It is perfect for businesses seeking effective branding solutions yesterday.

Tip: When you “needed that logo yesterday!”


Connecting Businesses to a Global Audience

PR Web is a leading online press release distribution platform, connecting businesses and organizations with a global audience.

With an easy-to-use interface, it enables users to distribute news, announcements, and multimedia content to various media outlets, search engines, and websites. Offers a wide range of distribution options, analytics, and reporting tools, making it an essential resource for enhancing brand visibility.

Direct engagement with the public through strategic and effective media outreach.

Tip: HWM has used them for years to get the word out.


A Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

Hewlett-Packard (HP), is a renowned multinational information technology corporation.

Founded in 1939, HP has established itself as a leader in producing a wide range of technology products, including laptops, printers, desktops, and more. Known for innovation and quality, HP’s cutting-edge devices cater to both consumer and business needs as the company continues to advance.

Their focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility is extremely important.

Tip: We use them and love their focus on sustainability.


The Best Investment

Saatchi Art is a prominent online art gallery and platform that connects art lovers with a diverse range of works.

From emerging and established artists worldwide. Founded in 2006, it offers a vast collection of original art, from paintings and sculptures to photography and mixed media. Saatchi Art provides a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work and sell directly to a global audience.

Making it a dynamic hub for art enthusiasts, collectors, and creators.

Tip: Having multiple income platforms in the arts is always a good thing.


American classics

Kate Spade New York is a renowned American fashion brand known for its playful and sophisticated designs.

Founded in 1993 by Kate and Andy Spade, the brand offers a range of products, including handbags, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Spade’s vibrant and contemporary styles are celebrated for their color, charm, and wit. With a commitment to empowering self-expression and individuality.

The brand has become a symbol of modern, confident, and feminine fashion.

Tip: We hope to sell our photographic archives there or a place like it one day.


Rice, Rice Baby

Renowned Harlem chef and author JJ Johnson introduces his new book “The Simple Art of Rice.”

This cookbook pays homage to rice’s global importance and its role at the heart of diverse cuisines. With Danica Novgorodoff, JJ Johnson guides readers through an enlightening culinary journey in the book. Explore iconic dishes like “Liberian Jollof” and “Poppy William’s” Red Rice and Beans.

With foolproof rice cooking methods and rice’s cultural and historical significance.

Tip: We love the Champorado with its sweet savory delights.


An American Classic

Paramount delivers premium content to audiences across platforms worldwide.

They connect with billions of people—through their studios, networks, streaming services, live events, merchandise, and more. Their studios create content for all audiences, across every genre and format, while their networks and brands forge deep connections with the world’s most diverse audiences.

They have an array of platforms from streaming, to free, to broad pay, to premium.

Tip: We checked out the free platform first then decided if we go to another.


The Democratization of AI

Chat GPT empowers businesses and individuals to utilize AI and Chat GPT for their unique needs.

They do this through an intuitive no-code/low-code platform. Their mission is to democratize AI, making it accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise. They provide trustworthy AI solutions, allowing customers to make informed decisions based on their specific data to foster growth, innovation, and progress.

They do all this by simplifying AI usage and ensuring it’s dependable for every user.

Tip: Always fact-check the data provided, and never copy and paste without proofing.


Paint for all Surfaces

Ferber Paints is distinguished by the use of high-gloss vinyl resin, great adhesion, and elasticity for the home and studio.

The paint allows it to cover the surface without having to spend a multitude of layers. Its characteristics are close to an oil painting while remaining an aqueous resin par excellence. The water evaporates giving way to a totally impervious protective layer, on a bare surface with a roller and brush in places difficult to reach.

Their products are impermeable to prevent oxidation of the surface by air or water.

Tip: They offer quality support and 20% discounts.


Working Smart

RescueTime is a productivity and time management tool that helps individuals track and analyze their digital activities.

It runs in the background, monitoring your computer and mobile device usage to provide detailed insights into how you spend your time online. They categorize your activities and generate reports, helping you identify time-wasting habits and make informed decisions to improve productivity.

It also allows you to set goals and reminders to stay on track, making it a valuable tool for folks like us who want to boost efficiency.

Tip: RescueTime is the world’s most powerful time management software.



‘Better, Not Bitter’ is a narrative that addresses historical injustices and serves as a rallying cry for change.

In this poignant memoir, Yusef Salaam, an advocate for prison reform and a member of the Exonerated Five, delivers a powerful call to action for racial justice. Salaam’s journey from wrongful incarceration as part of the Central Park Five to his eventual exoneration is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

His story inspires readers to transform trauma into positive action, and challenge systems.

Tip: Named a 2021 NPR Best Book, Harlem’s Yusef Salaam’s Memoir Inspires Change.


The Delivery Effect

Instacart revolutionizes grocery shopping by providing a convenient and time-saving platform.

Customers can browse a wide selection of products online, create personalized shopping lists, and have their groceries delivered to their doorstep by a personal shopper. The platform partners with various grocery stores, ensuring access to fresh produce, pantry staples, and household items. Instacart’s user-friendly interface and efficient delivery system make it a popular choice.

Those seeking a seamless and stress-free shopping experience from home.

Tip: They always have great discount offers and more.


Quality. Style.

Everybody loves Crisa glasses customers like the quality, size, appearance, thickness, and weight of the kitchen glasses.

They mention that they are top-notch drinking glasses, have perfect height and width, hold about 6 ounces, and that they’re attractive. They make a quiet statement in a place setting. They are heavy, and smooth and have a timeless design. They are sturdy little rustic glasses that are perfect for adults and grandkids.

A Harlem World Magazine team member loves his glasses.

Tip: The perfect height, perfect width, and the perfect size.


Game Changer

Earthatone Publishing & Earthatone Books founder, Eartha Watts Hicks, boasts a rich literary background.

Formerly the publications director for Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association (COSIA), an NYFA, ASCAP, and the Harlem Writers Guild member. A fiction fellow at Hurston/Wright Foundation, the North Country Institute, Retreat for Writers of Color, Hicks’ and many more. She received the 2013 “Game Changer” Award and NYC literacy ambassador.

Hicks, featured in the Congressional Black Caucus in 2014, also serves as a PR writer and workshop leader for writing, self-publishing, and publicity.

Tip: Eartha’s book There Enough of Mia to Go Around? has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

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