How To Deal With Your Love For Hunting During A Pandemic

October 24, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has led a significant blow to most indoor and outdoor activities, including hunting.

Hunting is a recreational activity, just like any other, and helps deal with anxiety and depression. Other than this, it helps in moving the economy and plays a role in managing wildlife. You don’t have to stop hunting due to the pandemic. There are some things you need to do while enjoying this activity. Here is how to deal with the virus situation.

Can You Leave for Hunting?

Before leaving for hunting, you need to check on the situation and the intensity of the infections. You have to know if it’s safe to do so and the precautions you need to take. Governments have issued world health guidelines for people to stay safe either at work or in the field. You need to check if such rules apply in your area and the concentration of infections around you. If it’s not safe to go out, stay at home and wait for the situation to normalize. But if the problem isn’t as bad, you can consider going hunting while following the set regulations.

Things to Carry While Hunting

With this pandemic, there is a possibility that you will be required to carry more things than usual. First, you need to check your licenses and see if they are up-to-date. Other than this, you need to confirm if you require having a Covid-19 certificate before leaving for the field. Other than the documentation, the type of firearm is essential. According to experts’ reviews from, different guns have different uses. You need to check the best for your hunting activities, plus its accessories. You need to choose the best physical and digital products that will aid you during your hunting activities. Another thing you need to consider is if you need additional equipment from your pack. Most shops are closed during this pandemic, and you may need to confirm their availability.

Meat Processing

When you get your catch, there are different ways of processing your meat. You can do some by yourself or get an expert hand. If you always use a butchery to process your catch, you need to know if they are still working or the pandemic has rendered them non-operational. This situation means you need to call them, comprehend their availability, mode of operation, and any other requirements before leaving for the field. It would also be best if you found better ways of handling your meat to avoid virus infections.


Due to lockdowns and restrictions of movements, it would help if you found out that the areas you are planning to go hunting are accessible. Do not prepare for a trip if you haven’t known if the regions are open. You can check on the websites, news sources, and any other information Centre to check if the areas you are planning to visit are still allowing visitors during this pandemic. Such is essential to avoid penalties if you go against the set rules. It will help if you take precautionary measures to prevent close contacts in public areas, helping you stay safe.

Check on Traveling

Does your hunting activity require traveling? If you must drive long distances to hunt, you need to check travel advisories from the health department and ensure you conform to them. If you are required to wear a mask, carry a sanitizer, or any other requirement, ensure everything gets included in your car before leaving for your trip. Also, there are some areas with roadblocks and restrictions. You need to know such before packing for your trip. If social distancing is in effect, make sure you carry the minimum number of people required, and all measures get followed to stay safe and sound even after hunting. All these avoid the virus hunting you down while hunting.


If you are planning to go camping, restrictions might be more than hunting during the day. With camps, you need to check on the availability, sleeping patterns, and regulations that have been put on the campsite to control the situation. Most hunting camps are not offering camping at the moment, so you might be required to make your arrangements or postpone the hunting altogether. Besides canceling the trip, you can find safer or nearby areas to visit during the day and spend your night in the house.

While the coronavirus has led most operations to slow down or come at a pause, we can still live our ordinary lives with due care while following the set regulations. This article contains tips for hunters willing to go out there and have a kill during this pandemic. It will help if you followed these tips carefully to stay safe while enjoying the hunting activity.

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