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A Family Affair

Harlem World Magazine is the #1 source in the world for living your best life and style in Harlem. With over 4.8 million readers from around the block and around the world annually.

Our knowledge and passion for creating the best Harlem content started with our founder, longtime Harlem resident Danny Tisdale.

Tisdale is an award-winning visual artist, who began as a “paperboy” in Watts, CA, he worked on his college newspaper. After moving to Harlem he went on to work at Interview and Details magazines, Barney’s NY, and ultimately as publisher of Harlem World Magazine. He believed Harlemites deserved better Harlem content than what was available at the time and created Harlem World Magazine based on his uncle’s approach. Uncle Charles Tisdale (above), in the 1970s, became owner and publisher of the Jackson Advocate, founded in 1938, to create the best content for Mississippians.

Charles Tisdale was born in rural Athens, Alabama on November 7, 1926, one of a family of seventeen children. American to the core, his father Thomas Jefferson Tisdale, worked farmland until the property was lost in the Great Depression of the 1930s. Thereafter, he supported his family through day jobs and yard work. Charles Tisdale remembers his father as a poet and songwriter, an intellectual who read three newspapers every day. Charles Tisdale’s mother, Winnie, was “a stern and courageous woman.” She insisted that her children stand up for their rights. She was a fierce defender of the family who “would shoot in a minute.”

NPR Radio reported that “Charles Tisdale was a champion of civil rights, a dedicated journalist who owned the Jackson, Mississippi newspaper called, appropriately enough, the Jackson Advocate. Mr. Tisdale bought the newspaper in 1978. And over the course of almost three decades, he published stories that gave a voice to the less fortunate, bringing to life the impoverished state of some of Mississippi’s majority black towns and exposing corruption among law enforcement officials.”

Charles Tisdale made a commitment to ensure the newspaper survived Ku Klux Klan bombings and attacks from media outlets. The paper called it as it saw it.

“… I carry a lot of Mr. Tisdale with me … The biggest gift he  gave me was understanding what it meant to be committed to something.” – Ben Jealous, NAACP president.

The paper encouraged discourse and critical debate and understood the importance of giving a voice to community ideas in his column Tisdale’s Topics.

Like his Uncle Charles, Danny Tisdale and his team at Harlem World Magazine have a commitment to creating the best content for their readers. The editorial is created to be a uniquely personal experience. From choosing a design to selecting the best photographs to the software required, the Harlem World Team aims to create true, one-of-a-kind stories.

Harlem World has remained fiercely proud of its history and heritage and our commitment to maintaining excellence has always been at the heart of what we do.

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