Here’s How You Can Protect Your Rights After A Work-Related Injury

March 10, 2020

By Bretton Love

One of the worst things that can happen is an accident in the workplace. Some jobs might have people work with different machinery that could cause random accidents that result in severe injuries.

Every employer should have a policy in place to protect its employees at work, compensating for any work-related injury during working hours. So, if you’ve ever been in a work-related accident and you want to protect your rights, then here are some of the things that you should follow.

You Should Know Your Rights

Thousands of people don’t understand their rights or even know what they are. This is a huge problem that insurance companies or employers sometimes use to their advantage because they know you don’t know better. You need to avoid being ignorant of what you’re entitled to legally in the event of a work-related injury. This includes reimbursements for your medical bills and treatment, compensation for your damaged belongings, coverage for your rehabilitation, accessibility tools if you become disabled, settlements, and monetary payments for the mental anguish and suffering you went through. Also, the families of employees have rights if their loved one dies in the accident; they would get a hefty settlement and coverage for burial costs.

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Moreover, you have the right to say no and refuse any deal that doesn’t appeal to you. This includes insurance settlements that don’t cover everything, incentives from employers to try and dissuade you from taking legal action, and court verdicts that aren’t fair or enough. You are legally able to refuse and file for an appeal for something better.

The Claim Process

Most companies and employers have a workers’ compensation policy, but sometimes they don’t get activated, or you get ignored for any claims. This is highly inappropriate and illegal; this would be the perfect time to head to a compensation court to file a claim. The personal injury lawyers at understand the stress, mental suffering, and physical pain that work-related accidents could cause, and insist that this is why you need to consult with your lawyers when everything seems to be going slowly or not moving in your favor at all. Getting proper legal representation to assist you in getting your claim can make your life easier. They speak on your behalf to get you the right settlement you deserve. Always remember to protect your rights for legal representation and never pay any fees until you win your case. 

Act Quickly

One of the reasons why the process may be going slowly is because your HR department or employer wasn’t informed on time or given enough evidence and information. This is why you should always protect your rights by reporting the accident as early as possible; preferably on the same day. Documenting the incident early will be in your best interest because the process can start promptly and correctly. Also, it will push your company to prepare all the necessary paperwork for the workers’ compensation plan, giving you all the coverage you deserve as quickly as possible. So, take photos if it’s possible and write down the timing of the accident and the details behind it.

Get Medical Care

You should always get medical assistance after an accident. You need doctors and physicians to give you a proper treatment plan and help you with your injury recovery. This will protect your rights to the future claim and compensation process, giving you strong physical evidence of the state of your injuries. Also, it’s important because the physicians there will prepare reports and records of timings, treatment plans, medical costs, and medication. This information will be needed later to help you get what you deserve and compensate you for everything you’ve gone through.

Avoid Limitations

Your employer and insurance companies might try to limit your benefits, denying some of your injury claims. This is extremely serious, and you should have all the information and evidence present with you. Have your lawyers built a case against them and advise you on what to do. Even though getting a workers’ compensation settlement will stop you from suing your employer, there is an exception if it was proven that your employer caused the accident on purpose or ordered you to work on something that isn’t part of your job description. So, you can protect your rights for more benefits when the circumstances are like that.

Every employee should go through the needed steps to get the reimbursement and compensation they deserve. You shouldn’t settle for less at all; this is because you deserve better as a human being. Always remember to protect your rights and get the right compensation to make up for all the suffering you’ve gone through.

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