Seitu’s World: The Soul Of The New York Produce Show In New York City

By HWM and photographs by Seitu Oronde

From December 5 to December 7, 2023, Seitu Oronde, a photojournalist from Harlem, covered the New York Produce Show in New York City.

The venue for this year's produce show expo was the Jacob Javits Convention Center, featuring conferences and product demonstrations by chefs.

Additionally, events took place at the Sheraton Hotel. What set this year's show apart was the diverse array of healthier solutions and alternatives that didn't compromise on taste and quality. The spotlight was on various species of mushrooms, black garlic, guacamole, and melons.

A notable aspect of the show was its commitment to delivering high-quality products without resorting to preservatives or synthetic additives, emphasizing a dedication to natural flavors and colors over laboratory-created substitutes.

In the photographs above, you will see solutions from chefs who cook with natural products to make a difference.

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Here are photographs by Seitu's World.