Seitu’s World: Senator Cordell Cleare Re-election “Service To Her People” Celebration In Harlem

On Thursday, February 10th, 2022, Seitu Oronde was at was the celebration party of Senator Cordell Cleare that was attended by local politicians, her staff, and friends at 2272 Lenox Ave and West 135st in Harlem, NY.

The re-election committee meeting was to rally support, sign up volunteers and kick off Senator Cleare’s re-election campaign!

The meeting included State Committeeman Londel Davis, Iesha Sekou, CEO and Founder of Street Corner Resources, Assemblywoman Inez Dickens, New York State Senator Cleare, Valerie Jo Bradley, Founder and Board President, Save Harlem Now, Delores Dickens, and more.

Senator Cleare succeeded Senator Brian Benjamin, who accepted the Lieutenant Governor’s position, and won on the platform of “service to her people”.

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Photograph credit: 1-6) By Seitu Oronde.

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