Seitu’s World: NAN Action Rally With Rev Sharpton Mentor Rev. Jessie Louis Jackson In Harlem

Photographs by Seitu Oronde

On Saturday, March 19th, 2022, Seitu attended a NAN Action Rally with Rev. Al Sharpton and his mentor Rev. Jessie Louis Jackson at National Action Network (NAN) in Harlem, NY.

In a special invitation from Rev. Al Sharpton, he stated that don’t miss this NAN Saturday Action Rally this weekend.

He mentioned that tomorrow, “…on Saturday, March 19th, 2022, from 9-11 am ET, my mentor Rev. Dr. Jesse L. Jackson will be at the House of Justice to address us with his report and the signing of his new book, “Keep Hope Alive“.

In addition, Rev. Sharpton said, “I will deliver my weekly keynote on national issues and NAN’s agenda.”

Rev. Sharpton included an introduction of Rev. Sharpton’s book, “Righteous Trouble Makers.”

Other guests included Reverend Mrs. LaKeesha Walrond the new President and CEO of the Jewish Theological Seminary and senior pastor of the 1st Corinthians Baptist Church on 116st, in Harlem, Ashley Sharpton, Ms. Cromp, “the women that built Newark, NJ,” and many others.

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Photograph credit: 1-4) Seitu Oronde.

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