Why Is Dry Herb Vaping Becoming More Popular?

Dry herb vaporizers have become increasingly popular among cannabis consumers, but why? Continue Reading →

Vaping Vs. Smoking: Is One Better Than The Other?

A common question that people ask is if vaping is better for you than smoking a cigarette. Continue Reading →

Vaping But Still Having Cigarette Cravings? Here’s What To Do

When you browse through the online discussion groups about vaping, you’re not going to see many posts from people who tried to switch from smoking to vaping and were unsuccessful. Continue Reading →

Vaping Could Harm Cognitive Function And Thinking Ability, Study Finds

As more and more studies highlight the health concerns associated with vaping – Continue Reading →

Vaping vs. Smoking, Why Is Vaping So Much Healthier?

A lot of people are aware that smoking is probably the leading cause of lung cancer but there’s also a risk of other organs developing cancer since smoking can weaken your body’s immune system. Continue Reading →

Youth Vaping Rates Have Declined During The COVID-19 Crisis

Youth vaping rates plunged during the COVID-19 lockdown period, according to a new survey published Thursday in JAMA Network Online. Continue Reading →

FDA Facing Huge PMTA Applications From Vaping Companies

The vaping industry has been one of the major growth areas of the past few years, yet the latest decision to impose further regulations on vaping businesses has thrown the industry into turmoil. Continue Reading →

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