Vaping vs. Smoking, Why Is Vaping So Much Healthier?

December 18, 2020

A lot of people are aware that smoking is probably the leading cause of lung cancer but there’s also a risk of other organs developing cancer since smoking can weaken your body’s immune system. This means that your body will have a harder time killing the cancer cells in your body and it will then slowly grow more severe.

Before you start to panic – maybe you already know, but if you still can’t decide to completely quit smoking, it’s better to switch to vaping now. At least with vaping, you can still get your nicotine dependency taken care of, without all of the health issues that you’d get from smoking. You’re inhaling just the vapor of the juice or oils of your choice.

Don’t worry, if you find yourself not liking the taste of the vape – which should be pretty tasteless, then you can just get flavors. The odors don’t stick to your clothes either! That’s one more thing that’s great about vaping, you can actually get different flavors so not only is it much healthier, it also smells and tastes way better than smoking cigarettes.

Volcano Vaporizers

You probably haven’t seen many of these in people’s houses since the general public loves using portable vaporizers – or just vapes. These are the vape form of what shisha and hookahs are, they have a central system that creates the vapors and you can just inhale it through a tube. If you do buy a table vaporizer then it’s best to go with the volcano hybrid model.

Volcano vaporizers are probably the most expensive on the vaporizer market right now but believe me, it’s worth the sum of money. “How much does a volcano hybrid cost?” comes up as a common question. The best answer to that is; so much cheaper than what you’d spend if you kept buying cigarette packets for the rest of your life!

Don’t worry, it’s going to be the best investment that you can get for yourself right now! It’s like the model of the vaporizer was meant to be for easy use, even to those who aren’t that tech-savvy. It’s as simple as adjusting the wattage you would get on your portable vaporizers.

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Portable Vaporizers

Speaking of portable vaporizers, they are for those who don’t have the luxury to stay at home! These are for those who love to smoke outside – well not really, it’s for those who need and want the portability of the vaporizer. You can’t really bring around that big lug of a machine if you want to relieve yourself of the withdrawal symptoms, right?

These can either come in the usual battery-block-ish form that many people use for tricks on Instagram, or in the more simple pen-style form. You can use vapes in public(only if it’s allowed) without having to worry about the effects of exhalation, since you’re just exhaling vapor there wouldn’t be any secondhand smoking around you.

Health Benefits Of Vaping

You probably already have some idea of the health benefits of switching over to vaping instead of just vaping. Most of the damages caused by smoking are done to the respiratory systems or something involved with the airways of the body since you are inhaling the smoke. It’s easier to list it down for you so you can see how much healthier vaping is.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Switching to vaping from smoking can help prevent the early stages of cancer development in your body because none of the chemicals that you inhale through vaping can damage your immune system as cigarettes do.

No First-hand Nor Second-hand Smoking

The whole process of vaping doesn’t require combustion, so there’s actually no smoke being created – which means no one will get affected by second-hand smoking. The machines heat up the vape juice or oils until they turn into vapors(something like steam) for you to inhale. Most of the time, the vapor carries a higher concentration of nicotine and/or cannabis.

Not Harmful To The Eyes

Smoke from cigarettes can be harmful to the eyes and can actually increase the chances of you contracting cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases. Don’t get it mixed up though, dry eye syndrome and glaucoma is treated with medical marijuana, it’s in the purest form they can get, not in a joint. So using a vape is like protection for your eyes.

It’s Better For Your Sense of Smell

The whole smell of cigarettes can actually damage your sense of smell as well since the smoke that you breathe through your nose can actually cause inflammation. This can actually hinder your sense of smell indefinitely. So using a vape can is better for your nose since it’s odorless most of the time.


Though there are so many more reasons as to why vaping can be healthier than smoking, these are the benefits that seem the most important in day-to-day living. Vape juices can contain nicotine so it probably won’t help with your dependencies but it is such a healthier alternative than getting the nicotine from cigarettes.

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