Harlem Lady Teyana Taylor And McDonald’s Are Putting On A Free Concert In NYC

Teyana Taylor’s success as a singer, actor, model, and choreographer has taken the G.O.O.D. Music signee far beyond her hometown of Harlem, New York, but she has never forgotten her roots in Harlem. Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Adding International Menu Items At Restaurants From Harlem To Hollywood

When you walk into your local McDonald’s in Harlem this summer, you might be able to sample the flavors of Europe and Asia. Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Announces Plan To Cut Antibiotic Use From Harlem To Hollywood

Since McDonald’s has a number of stores in Harlem, it’s good to read that the report by Consumer Reports that they have unveiled plans to reduce the use of antibiotics in its beef. Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Cuts Artificial Ingredients From Classic Burgers From Harlem To Hollywood

McDonald’s has 11 stores in Harlem when we read that McDonald’s is taking another step into the healthy food field by stripping artificial ingredients from seven of its classic burgers. Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Redefines Value With $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu Launch From Harlem To Hollywood

Brand channel reports that McDonald’s, which has a number of stores in Harlem, has ambitious plans for U.S. growth this year, with high hopes for the fresh beef Quarter Pounder launching mid-year. Continue Reading →

Truck Driver Sells Bootleg McDonald’s In Harlem

Police say the driver for a McDonald’s distributor made a pit stop at a Harlem bodega last month and offed $20,000 worth of ingredients that were headed for the Golden Arches. Continue Reading →

12-Year-Old Boy Holds Up Classmate’s For Chicken McNugget In Harlem

Chicken McNuggets are tasty, but are they worth risking your life for? For one East Harlem 12-year-old girl, the answer to that question was yes. Continue Reading →

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