Harlem’s Pet Adopt-Athon Grows In Many Ways

A Beaming Sarah Saltzberg, Co-Founder of Harlem-based Bohemia Realty Group, and official New Mom, is at the firm’s fourth Pet Adopt-Athon by her own little “puppies,” including newborn son Itai and a fully-festooned Dashiell Frazier, son of Bohemia broker Kelly Mares.

Lady Gaga’s Dog’s Coach Campaign For Dog Owners

Coach, goes to the dogs and their owners like Lady Gaga as it reveals its newest advertising campaign that start in July. Titled “Coach Pups,” the new campaign that launches this month from Harlem to Harare with her dog model Miss Asia Kinney, her adorable four-legged companion.

Critical Thinking and The Other

By Richard-Olivier Marius Well, actually, all human beings think critically. Critical thinking is the foundation of civilization and civilization exists not only in the western world but in any geographical space that is populated by the human.

Basketball Slave: Racism in the Early History of the NBA

By Mark Johnson There is a whole history most NBA fans are unaware of. My father was able to share with me the stories of what it was like to be a professional black basketball player in the early days of the NBA, everything from the referees turning a blind eye, to hard fouls, to the long-time kinships black…