Target Announces Enhanced Family Care Benefits For Employees From Harlem To Hollywood

With a number of Target store in East Harlem, Target has announced that it plans to expand its child care and family leave benefits for both hourly and salaried employees reports Consumer Affairs. Continue Reading →

Target Launches Earth-Friendly Household Product Line

With a Target in East Harlem, Consumer Affairs reports that Target on Monday launched its own line of sustainable household items.

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Target To Hold One-Day Gift Card Sale This Weekend From Harlem To Hollywood

On December 2, 2018, Target stores from Harlem to Hollywood will give consumers the opportunity to purchase Target gift cards worth up to $300 for 10 percent off.

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All Of The Target Harlem Deals You Need To Shop On Next Week

The folks at Refinery29 report that time to do a few cartwheels because Target is kicking off its “Fun Run” sale starting this Sunday — and it’s giving us an exclusive peek at the special offers for the upcoming week. Continue Reading →

The Best Under $50 Finds New From Target In Harlem

Refinery 29 reports that it’s been a while since we heard anything from Target especially since its store is right there in East Harlem. Just when we thought Target couldn’t get us any more amped up for summer to end, the store hit us with a new home line that looks like autumn incarnate. Continue Reading →

$45 million Awarded Woman Who Suffered Brain Damage In East Harlem

A jury awarded $45.2 million to a brain-damaged philanthropist and her family who sued an East Harlem mall where two youths tossed a shopping cart onto her head. Continue Reading →

Burberry Is Suing Harlem’s Target For Knocking Off Its Iconic Luxury Plaid Pattern

Racked reports that in the latest round of copycat fashion, Burberry is suing Target who has a store in Harlem for ripping off its iconic check pattern. Continue Reading →

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