HYPOTHEkids Youth STEAM Initiative Expands In West Harlem

The Janus Property Company is pleased to announce that HYPOTHEkids (Hk) has expanded from its existing space at Harlem Biospace in the Manhattanville Factory District. Become an Harlem World Insider Continue Reading →

Homeless Students WIN At Future Careers With College Tours And STEAM Workshops

This summer, AT&T is teaming up with Win, the largest provider of shelter to homeless women and their families from Harlem to Hollis, to support college visits and STEAM workshops Continue Reading →

STEM vs. STEAM, How Can The Arts Not Belong In Classrooms From Harlem To Harare?

Adapted from an article from Ed Week by Ann Jolly writes that a tug of war between proponents of STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) and advocates for STEAM Continue Reading →

Steamboat “Harlem,” New York, 1891 (Photograph)

Here’s a great photograph of the grand old Steamboat “Harlem,” built in 1873, at 111th Street and Eleventh Street, West Harlem Pier, New York, 1891. Become an Harlem World Insider – Sign-Up Continue Reading →