The Joseph-Napoléon Bonaparte Years At The Claremont Inn In Harlem 1815–1836

Joseph-Napoléon Bonaparte, born Giuseppe Buonaparte, Italian, 7th January 1768 – 28th July 1844, was a French diplomat and nobleman who lived in Harlem. SHOP, THE NEW HARLEM WORLD SHOP!

A Few Things To Think About Before You Head From Harlem To The Royal Wedding

SHOP, THE NEW HARLEM WORLD SHOP! Harlem already has a deep royal history, from Napoleon Bonaparte’s cousin Joseph Bonaparte to Prince William; and then, to Lord Viscount Courtenay, who lived Continue Reading →

The Amazing Story Of Michael Hogan, Founder Of Harlem’s Claremont Inn, 1807-1833

Michael Hogan, 1766-1833, was an Irish-born shipowner, East India captain, slave runner, privateer, convict ship captain, involved in the early settlement of Australia, American land speculator. SHOP, THE NEW HARLEM WORLD Continue Reading →

3 Reasons To Cultivate A Personal Brand

SHOP, THE NEW HARLEM WORLD SHOP! Starbucks understands the importance of promoting its brand. So do Whole Foods, Disney and McDonald’s, just to name a few.

New York City And Paris Launch Business Exchange

SHOP, THE NEW HARLEM WORLD SHOP! The Harlem and France relationship is deep, from the Harlem Hellfighters fighting for France in WWII, Pastry Chef Moha Orchid at Jolie Patisserie, to Chef Alain Eoche, of Continue Reading →

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