The Havemeyer Coach At The Claremont In Harlem 1895

coach at the claremont in harlem1


A great image catching an intimate moment at the Havemeyer Coach just arriving at the Claremont Inn at Riverside Drive (between 121st and 123rd Streets, a block north of Grant’s Tomb) in West Harlem, New York on May 25, 1895.

Harlem Bespoke wrote that the countryside retreat faced the Hudson at West 124th Street and the inn was a popular destination for weekend getaways.  Men sporting bowlers and top hats can be seen assisting the guest and the women have the “leg of mutton” sleeves that were popular during the time period. The Claremont Inn was the place where royalty of any country stayed. Originally built around 1775, the Hotel catered to the glitterati of the world including Lord Viscount Courtenay, Prince William, Joseph Bonaparte (Napoleon’s brother), Duke of Clarence (later King William IV), President McKinley, Lillian Russell, Cole Porter, Admiral Dewey, President Taft, lots of  Vanderbilts and Astors and more stayed at the luxurious Claremont Inn.

The stands in front of the grand entrance of the Claremont looking northwest as a mist awaits the departure of the coach as men line the dirt covered road in the distance.

Here’s a photograph looking south:


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