Mothers Who Follow Five healthy Habits May Reduce The Risk Of Obesity In Children

A new study led by Harvard University has found that children and adolescents whose mothers follow five healthy habits are 75 percent less likely to develop obesity when compared to children whose mothers don’t follow those habits. Continue Reading →

Impact Of Technology On The Youth From Harlem To Harare

The involution of technology has taken over in many daily activities. While you may be grateful that you don’t have to walk or commute to the bank to pay your bills or to the mall for shopping, you may have to worry about your little ones. Continue Reading →

Children Are Exposed To Chemicals When They Breathe In Thirdhand Smoke Residue

Children of smoking parents are exposed to a great deal of tobacco residue and all of the chemicals that linger on furniture, clothes, and other household items long after cigarettes have been burnt out reports ConsumerAffairs. Continue Reading →