A Burger King Menu Suggested By A Nutritionist With Your Families Health In Mind

There are a number of Burger Kings in Harlem, so if you love juicy, tender burgers, sandwiches and hotdogs, but you worry about your health, you may want to follow these tips for eating fast food. Continue Reading →

Burger King’s Meatless Burger A Permanent Menu Staple From Harlem To Hollywood

With a number of Burger King in Harlem, Burger King is adding a meatless burger to its menus nationwide reports Consumer Affairs. Continue Reading →

It’s Mission Possible With Burger Kings New Impossible Veggie Burger

With a number of Burger Kings in Harlem, it was great to hear that Burger King is partnering with Impossible Burgers to launch a meat-free version of its Whopper.

Continue Reading →

Taco Bell Is about To Get Cheaper In Harlem

taco bell in harlemWith a number of locations in Harlem, now Taco Bell has launched a $1 breakfast menu. The menu features existing items such as a breakfast burrito, a two-pack of Cinnabon Delights, and hash browns, as well as several new items, all costing $1. Continue Reading →

Burger King Brings Snoop Dogg Hot Doggs To Harlem

snoop dogg at burger kingBurger King has three restaurants in Harlem. Now Burger King is adding grilled hot doggs to its menu and of course they found the perfect spokesman to get the “hot dogg” message across to its employees – Snoop Dogg. Continue Reading →

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