Waist-Slimming Recipes To Try Out This Year

March 4, 2020

By Bretton Love

From time immemorial, women have been on a lifelong quest to lose weight and feel good about themselves. We like to try exotic diets and follow strict eating regimes to achieve our target weight. We are ready to go to extreme measures to get the itsy-bitsy waist that we see on supermodels in all the glossy fashion magazines. While this has influenced us to adopt healthier lifestyles and incorporate working out into our daily routines, we have developed a fear-based relationship with food. Bread and pasta have become imminent enemies, and dessert, a faraway dream that we could barely dare to have.

However, nutritionists have been stressing on the fact that food has a much bigger impact on your weight than exercise ever will. No matter how long you stay at the gym alternating between squats and ab crunches, you will not see the results you are hoping for unless you start eating the right food. So, in an attempt to follow the experts’ advice, check out the waist slimming delicious recipes below.

And since we are still at the beginning of the new year, now is the best time to give them a try:

Quinoa and Black Beans Bowl

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Quinoa is considered a healthy carb option. It is easy and fast to cook and will leave you full for some time, while black beans are a great source of fibers and proteins that have been found to promote fat loss, especially around the core area.

  • All you have to do is cook one cup of quinoa with one cup of black beans, in 2 cups with some salt and pepper.
  • Throw in some broccoli to get you some greens for the day and add some chili flakes or cayenne pepper, if you are a fan of spicy food.
  • Leave to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Once all of the water is absorbed and the quinoa fluffs out, it is ready to eat.

This dish tastes amazing and can be perfect for lunch or dinner. 

“Zoodles” with Mushrooms and Shrimps

Zoodles or zucchini noodles is an amazing way to enjoy all of your past dishes guilt-free. You can use a regular peeler to get the zucchini ribbons or get yourself a proper spiralizer to have your zucchini look exactly noodle-like. One important tip when preparing your “zoodles” is to dry them in a muslin cloth to prevent them from getting soggy when heated. Nutrition experts at this weightless website rave about this recipe. They highlight the importance of losing weight and eating healthy foods.

  • To prepare your zoodles, you will need to sauté two cloves of garlic in some olive oil.
  • Once they turn golden, add one ounce of shrimps equivalent to four large ones.
  • Stir for 3-4 minutes on medium heat with some salt and pepper until the shrimps turn pink.
  • Put the shrimps aside and, in the same skillet, add some more olive oil and toss the thinly sliced mushrooms around with the zucchini noodles.
  • Add the shrimps back to the skillet and top it off with some low sodium soy sauce to give it an Asian twist.

You will love this recipe so much; it will become your go-to dinner. 

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Just because you are trying to slim down your waist does not mean that you have to completely forget about your favorite dishes. With some tweaks, like this healthy take on your beloved tacos, you can still enjoy your favorite Mexican dish without forgoing your dream to have a smaller waist. Turkey is a great source of lean protein that your body needs to shed off any extra fat.

  • For this recipe, you will need to cut up two lean turkey breasts into cubes.
  • Then, in a large skillet, cook the turkey cubes in some olive oil; add salt, pepper, and a good spoonful of taco seasoning.
  • You can find ready-made seasoning at almost all supermarkets. Stir for 7-8 minutes until the turkey is thoroughly cooked.
  • Remove the turkey from the skillet, add another spoon of olive oil, and saute your veggies.
  • You can add two cloves of garlic with some onions, sliced red, and green bell pepper until they wilt.
  • Add the turkey cubes back with the veggies and give them a good stir to bring all the flavors together and set aside.
  • Wash leaves of iceberg lettuce to serve as the imitate tacos.
  • Add your turkey and veggies on the lettuce, add some fresh-made guacamole, tomato salsa, and a squeeze of lime, and enjoy your taco fix.  

You can find numerous recipes online which will satisfy your appetite with exquisite food without having to give up on your body goals. Once you understand what foods work well for you and what do not, you will be able to come up with even yummier concoctions on your own. Join an online forum to exchange tips and recipes with women going on the same journey; this will keep you motivated and on track to reach your waist-slimming goals.

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