Vape Juice Ingredients: All You Need To Know

March 3, 2021

Recently, even with a boatload of premium e-liquids online, people have been using recipes to make their e-juices. In this article, we’d like to touch upon the ingredients needed for such an endeavor, as well as what they are and how they will affect your vaping experience.

So, if you’d like to learn something more about the stuff that goes into your homemade vape juice, you can find out everything you need to know below.

What Are The Ingredients?

Before going into details, you first need to know what ingredients we will be discussing. So, to begin, we’ve assembled a list of all the ingredients that go into just about any vape juice

  • VG (Vegetable Glycerine)
  • PG (Propylene Glycol)
  • Flavor Concentrates
  • Nicotine

Except for nicotine, every vape juice will contain these ingredients in different ratios. We’ll also explain what different PG and VG ratios can bring to your vaping experience. Except for the equipment and storage for making vape juice, these are all you need to get started on making your very own e-liquid.


Vegetable Glycerine is usually derived from soybeans or palm trees and is a very thick liquid that’s used in vape juices to produce vapor. Actually, the higher the VG ratio in a vape juice, the more smoke it will produce, and the vapor will be thicker.

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So for any vapers out there that love chasing clouds, it’s recommended to either get an e-liquid with a higher VG concentration or make one on your own. It should also be mentioned that the higher the VG concentration, the vape juice will have a more mellow throat hit and flavor.

Because the liquid is so thick, vapers who use vape juices with a lot of VG find it harder to clean their rigs, as they can get gooey and sticky.


Propylene glycol is the ingredient in your vape juice that will carry all the flavor that’s in it. Meaning, the more PG your e-juice contains, the more intense the taste will get. It will also increase the intensity of the throat hit.

Because it’s less thick than VG, vape juices with higher PG levels will be easier to clean out of your rig but do pose a risk of leakage if you’re not using a high-quality vape pen. So, to summarize, the more PG your vape juice has, the more intense the flavor will be, but it will create less vapor.

Nicotine Solution

Not every e-juice contains nicotine, as you can get vape juices that have 0 nicotine or skip it in the process of making your e-liquid. Of course, nicotine is the ingredient that makes cigarettes so hard to quit, as it’s highly addictive.

If we want to get a little more into detail, nicotine is a highly addictive alkaloid that has slight effects on your brain processes. Still, it isn’t directly tied to smoking’s adverse health effects, only to its high addictiveness. The adverse effects of cigarettes stem mostly from the additives and tar that go into them.

So, if you’re trying to quit smoking, you can get a 0-nicotine vape juice and keep the smoking sensation without ingesting any nicotine. If you opt to use a vape juice with nicotine, you can also choose the amount of it that goes into the e-liquid, meaning you get to choose your regular nicotine intake.

Flavor Concentrates

As the name suggests, flavor concentrates are artificial or natural flavors added to vape juices to mimic or replicate the flavors of real foods or drinks out there. In vape juices, there’s never more than 10% flavor concentrate overall.

Of course, they are in charge of bringing your favorite flavor to you via a vape pen, and you can have one or more flavors in your vape juice. You can have a bunch, as long as the sum of them doesn’t surpass the mentioned 10% of the entire batch of e-liquid.

These days, you can find a vape flavor concentrate of just about anything, from stapes of vaping like menthol and fruit to flavors like tobacco that are widely popular in certain circles as well.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you were able to get some new information out of this, and now you know what your e-juice consists of and how changing the ratios of VG and PG around will affect your vaping experience.

With all this info, you should know what to look for when browsing vape juices or how you should manipulate the amounts of ingredients in your homemade e-liquid to get your desired effect from it.

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