Trendy Post Designs That Gain The Most Likes On Instagram

August 11, 2022

Those who don’t understand Instagram’s popularity also usually don’t comprehend how profitable it can be.

It’s true that plenty of people use the platform and don’t want to monetize what they post, but just as many companies and people do.

Before we launch into which publications tend to get the most IG likes, you might want to know whether it’s possible to increase your positive engagement numbers in any other way. You can do that by contacting a business that sells positive social media engagement. There are more than a few of these companies out there in cyberspace.

When you start out on the platform, purchasing a few Insta likes for your early posts from a recognized, legit company is a sound strategy that many individuals and companies use. For instance, if you want Instagram likes, you can buy 20 for IG easily enough, and it won’t break the bank, either. You can easily allocate the money from your ad budget to get people looking at your posts and talking about what you bring to the platform.

In this article, we’ll run through a few trendy post ideas you should know about if you want to get established quickly on the IG platform and start cashing in.

Find your meaning behind posting on Instagram

Many people see potential when they look at this platform and the millions of users who log in and scroll through daily posts. If you choose to set up an Insta account, you might do so because:

  • You’re an influencer who wants to announce to the world that you’ve arrived;
  • You operate or own a business enterprise and need new customers;
  • You like the sound of notifications you receive after your publication acquired Instagram likes
  • You’re hoping to gain brand recognition and know this is a proven way to do it.

Any of those are viable reasons to get active on IG. When you do, you’ll also have to figure out which post designs and ideas get the most attention. Since this platform has been around for several years, there’s data that tells us what posts you should include as part of your lineup when you establish a schedule for your images that new followers should expect.

What Kinds of Posts Consistently Get the Most Insta Likes?

Now, let’s talk about what kind of posts often gain the most likes on the popular Instagram platform. Some post ideas become trendy for a little while, and then their popularity wanes. However, the ones on this list seem to have staying power, so let’s focus on these:

  • Panoramic nature and wildlife photography;
  • Sporting event or music venue shots (users tagging Miami Super Bowl LIV received thousands of IG likes);
  • Portraits;
  • Black and white photography.

We’ll discuss each of these, starting with wildlife and nature photography. Nature photography often seems tailor-made for the Insta platform. People love watching National Geographic and hearing voiceover narration as they see plants and animal species. It makes sense they’d also want to look at still shots of wildlife that you get out there and take yourself.

Say you’re creating Instagram content in Nigeria. You might wake up in the morning and get some beautifully-framed shots of butterflies in your garden. Such photos do really attract IG users and gain many likes on Insta. You could continue the day by going to a wildlife preserve to take pics of gazelles, gorillas, wild dogs, or anything else you can capture.

These kinds of posts often get you organic engagement on Instagram, especially if they’re in vivid, full color. Just ensure that if you’re getting shots of a potentially vicious animal, you stay well clear and don’t endanger yourself.


There’s something about a classically-framed portrait that has always captured humanity’s imagination. Perhaps people like portraits so much because they like to see individuals posing and trying to look their best in a way that withstands the test of time. It’s just as compelling to look at someone’s portrait from a hundred years ago as it looks at a person from modern times.

Perhaps the subject has an enigmatic smile on their face, and we wonder what they were thinking at that moment. That has always been the case, but Instagram stories and posts is a relatively new way to showcase your talents in this particular area.

Whether you want to feature self-portraits on your IG timeline or portraits of other people, they’re bound to get a lot of Insta likes and boost your positive metrics.

Sporting Event or Music Venue Shots

If you create an Instagram story about a major sporting event or a concert, that’s another proven winner on this platform. For example, if you’re aware you have a following that likes sports, you might take pictures when you attend:

  • The World Series
  • The World Cup
  • The NBA Finals
  • The Super Bowl

Those are some of the sporting world’s most high-profile events. Anyone can easily watch them on TV, but it feels different to look at some IG Stories from the timeline of someone who was there in person, and it feels a lot more intimate and special.

Concerts can yield the same kinds of intimate and stunning photography. Imagine getting some great shots at a Rolling Stones show. If you can show an iconic musical act and capture what it felt like to be there, you’ll likely encourage many new fans of your account to follow you and your posts will gain more Insta likes.

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography also seems to do well on Instagram. Obviously, we can take full-color shots now, but there’s something very stark and eye-catching about a shot in black and white. It’s as though a photo stripped of color can reveal something deeper and more profound about the subject.

With black and white photography that you post on Insta, you can adeptly find the mystery in mundane subjects, like a back alley at twilight or a dilapidated warehouse. Don’t discount these kinds of pictures and think of them as a trend. They’ve gained popularity and many IG likes since the platform’s inception.

Showcase Pictures People Will Most Likely Enjoy

If you feature all of the trendy post ideas mentioned in this article, your account should do well and bring in organic followers who will

  • double-tap your Instagram posts,
  • save your publications,
  • and share them with others.

That’s probably what you want, regardless of whether you got into IG because you hoped to monetize your business content or not. Beginning on the platform with a purchase of positive engagement metrics starts you off on the right foot. Just make sure you only buy a package from a company that won’t give you any inactive accounts that engage with your channel, and Insta frowns on that. They might suspend your account.

In addition to the ideas we mentioned already, you might also look into past and present shots that show the passage of time. You may go with delectable-looking shots of food, and pictures that promote wellness and physical fitness seem to do well. You might also gain many Instagram likes with fashion shots that showcase some of the latest clothing designs that are creating a buzz this season.

Remember to keep an eye on other popular Insta strategies to see what other picture categories seem to be in vogue and receive most of IG likes. While some varieties seem timeless, others go in and out of style much more rapidly.

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