How To Leverage New Instagram Algorithm To Gain Popularity

April 3, 2021

One of the most important things to learn about Instagram is how to effectively use its algorithm to your benefit.

Accounts that are not properly optimized will miss out on critical engagement metrics and sink lower into the feeds of followers, thereby hindering account growth. Understanding the way IG functions is key to preventing this!

By analyzing the latest Instagram algorithm, we can increase the viewership of any profile. Continuing to follow proper guidelines will ensure that your account will receive a boost of views from the UK and see greater engagement.

General Algorithm Concepts

No matter the year or the specific algorithm you’re currently dealing with, there are several key concepts that will never fall out of style. These concepts will increase Insta post views with the minimum of effort. By sticking to these general guidelines, you will be prepared no matter what happens with any new Instagram algorithm update. These general concepts are best practices for most social media platforms as well!

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  • Building Your Network

For IG to understand more about you and your content, it constantly tracks whose material you enjoy, the people you DM, the people you search for, and the people you can meet face to face. This means that in order to get more Instagram post views, you are going to want to make as many connections to your audience as possible.

  • Leverage Interest

The IG algorithm has always worked by assessing what content you actively ‘like’ and engage with. In effect, someone’s feed is an amalgam of their behaviors on the site. This means that one of the best ways to increase the popularity of your account is to show up consistently and have people engage with your content.

  • Maintain Posting Frequency

New posts will always get placed closer to the top of the feed. This means that a key way to encourage more traffic to your page is to post frequently. Keeping fresh content available for your viewers is critical to maintaining a presence and expanding your popularity.

  • Timing is Key

Making your posts appear at the right time of day goes right alongside posting frequently. It does no good if you frequently post between midnight and 8 am for most people! Looking into time zones and best posting practices is critical. Doing so will ensure that the most people possible see your content.

  • Follow Broadly

Instagram is a social media website – this means that being social is of the utmost importance! By following other people and having them follow back, Insta will begin to populate their feed with your posts. Follow as many people as is reasonable and encourage them to reciprocate!

IG Feed Post Algorithm

Instagram’s latest Feed Posting Algorithm deals mostly with being precise with timing. Feeds are often the busiest aspect of IG. Increasing traffic for your content will mean leveraging user relationships, relevancy, and engaging interest with your clientele. Making great posts that many people enjoy and engage with is a surefire way to increase views.

Encourage people to engage with your posts as much as possible on a continued basis. This will increase the likelihood that you appear in their feed. Creating audience loyalty is essential!

Instagram Stories Algorithm

The Stories section of IG is filled mostly by the accounts with content that is most engaged with. This means that if you want to make your place in someone’s Story feed, you are going to have your account present as one of their favorite post creators. This can be done by encouraging the viewer to comment, react, like, or otherwise engage with the content you post.

Stories also leverage heavily on populating feeds with the latest posts from favorite accounts. Timing is key here, since Stories can bump your news from someone’s feed simply due to someone else uploading at the same time. This means that continually posting Instagram Stories at set times will pay off and enable maximum exposure. There are even tools that assist with this process!

Another key aspect of Stories is Location information. Stories are increasingly utilizing geotags and location hashtags in its operation. This means Story feeds are biased towards content close to the viewer. By strategically using geotag data, you can maximize your audiences’ interest!

Instagram Reels and IGTV

Similar to the Instagram Feed, these facets of IG follow a similar pattern. In order for Reels posts to gain popularity, they will need to be interacted with by many people often. Sharing Reels to your feed and including proper hashtags is a great strategy to begin this process. Since this is a comparatively new feature for Insta, being discovered if you are a diligent poster will be much more likely!

For IGTV, posting proper hashtags at the proper time is crucial. Many of the most famous IG users will also share a preview of their IGTV content before it debuts. This will both advertise and increase anticipation in your fan base increasing your Instagram post views!

Engagement Strategies

There are numerous ways to ensure that your posts are of quality that will ensure engagement. The new IG algorithm has many ins and outs, but the constant factor is the quality of the posts you make. Instagram post views are dependent on the population connecting with your work. With the following strategies, you can ensure good content and a good relationship with your client base.

  • Maintain Good Relationships

This one is the most obvious and the most simple: by building strong bonds with your audience, you will engage with them and push your content to the top. Tag other posts, reply to comments, read and reply to your DMs, and share as much as you can. The more people who see you, the more likely they are to interact with your posts!

  • Maintain Good Presence

Make sure people see your activity by remaining active! Engage with the community in order to encourage them to engage with you in return.

  • Understand Your Analytics

Instagram profile analytics will allow you to assess what exactly is happening with your account. From understanding the demographics you’re hitting to checking to see if you’re posting frequently enough, the analytics page is essential. Make sure you are well acquainted with it!

  • If Something Works, Remix It!

Great content isn’t something that comes to everyone every day. If a post of yours takes off, remember it and generate new posts using the same basic idea! If you baked a great cake that people loved, take additional pictures of it and post those – as an example.

  • Use Hashtags Properly

Everyone loves it when they can search the hashtag they are specifically interested in to get good content. Keep your hashtags specific and only use the ones you need to. Using #blessed for every post would be an example of improper use that muddies your message.

  • Reward Your Audience

Holding contests, posting polls, and asking questions of your viewers are simple methods to increase engagement. If your audience feels that you genuinely care about them, they will engage more! Ask important questions and listen to the answers!

Using these tips will help you benefit from the social platform no matter whether you’ll use your channel for business or for your personal engagement.

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