The Ultimate Copier In The Market: Ricoh Vs Sharp

September 16, 2022

Sharp and Ricoh are known for being the best copiers in the market. However, which is the best one for you? Read and find out below.

One of the most important things that every office must have is a copier. Yes, you heard it right. Your copier machine is your biggest ally especially when you need multiple copies of certain documents that need to be passed around in the company. However, finding the best copier for your company is often narrowed down to two options: Sharp and Ricoh. These two brands are known to be the best copiers in the market. They both excel in heavy-duty printing and photocopying. Hence, there is no doubt that business owners would rather buy either of these two copiers.

Despite being the best brands for photocopiers, these two also share tons of PROs and CONs. Most of the time, we don’t see the difference. All we know is that these two can do well with pressure. With this, we are going to talk about the difference and some of the similarities between these two printers at hand. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you are ready to choose which of these two the best copier is for you. And if you want to buy these copiers then here is a website which provides best Sharp and ricoh copiers for sale online at affordable prices.

Similarities: Durable

One of the most common features of these two copiers is durability. Yes, both copiers can withstand the wear and tear of photocopying documents throughout the day. It doesn’t heat or break down, not unless the paper is not placed properly in its designated place. Although both printers are highly durable, there are certain aspects that the copiers are tested. One of them is colored copying. Believe it or not, colored printing can take a toll on your copier. Hence, you need to check both copiers if they can withstand colored printing.

Differences: App features

Both sharp and Ricoh are known for their functional features. Ricoh copiers come with easy-to-understand commands to make photocopying a better experience for you. While Sharp comes with an MFP feature. This feature allows you to print from different networks to ensure that all your documents are ready to be distributed to different departments of your company.

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Similarities: Black and White

Another similarity is that these two are neck-to-neck when it comes to printing quality in terms of black. If you print two copies side by side, you can’t tell the difference between these two. In this category, you can’t say which one is better and which one is not. Both are perfect commercial copiers for black and white documents.

Differences: Colored printing

Another difference between the two is colored printing. Unlike Ricoh, Sharps excels well in mass printing colored documents. This commercial color copier can create 1,000 colored copies in a month. The best part of that is the printing is crisp and easy to see. Aside from that, it doesn’t consume tons of ink when printing colored documents, this is a major saving alert if your company is known for printing colored documents whole year round. Ricoh does create crisp printing on their colored documents. However, they are not as reliable as sharp. They consume more ink and need constant maintenance to ensure that the copier is working on the right track.

Different: Price Range

Another big difference between this two is the price. Sharp comes on the much pricier end. Most Sharp copier starts at about $800 going up. While Ricoh’s cheapest copier costs around $320 going up. Before buying the best copier, make sure that you reconsider your option. Make sure to double-check what kind of function and printing your copier need to do for you. So that, it is easier to narrow down the options on which copier to buy for your business.

Which is the best one among these two?

If you are looking for a cheaper copier that mainly uses black and white copying, I suggest getting a Ricoh. Ricoh is a cheaper option for people who have recently started. Apart from that, they also excel well in copying black and white documents with no worries. However, if you are more on commercial color copying, then you might have to invest in the Sharp copier. Sharp copiers are expensive. But if you consider the maintenance and the consumables, then you are able to save more compared to using the Ricoh copier. Aside from that, it also produces the best black and white copies. It’s a pricey but good investment.


Choosing the best copier varies in several ways. It is up to you which one you would choose between the two. Both copiers excel in terms of photocopying but Ricoh might be a little behind when it comes to color printing. We hope that the differences we list will help you choose which of these two the best photocopier is for you.

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