Is Buying A Vacation Rental Property A Good Investment?

November 30, 2020

Vacations are a part of our tradition, and for these vacations, people will always look for a place to stay. So it’s always a good property investment.

Investments are the main growth apparatus of our financial and economic systems. Investments are profitable for both investors and investees. It allows for a way to spend the idle money we have and at the same time helps someone in need of funds.

Among investment opportunities, buying properties is one of the best. Properties are a great store of value. Inflation in price makes them an ideal source of income too. For instance, if you buy a property and wait a few years, you are bound to get a good price for the item.

Apart from resale value, profit from the operation of such properties is very high too, depending on what type of property it is. But, in most cases, we buy the property for ourselves, so profits are immeasurable in such cases. The particular type of property we are going to discuss today is the vocational rental property.

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Vocational rental properties are one of the few property investment opportunities. If you are looking forward to investing in such properties, then this article will certainly help you make a decision on the topic.

What stage of life are you in?

This is a very important thing to consider before making any type of investment decision. Suppose, you just had kids. Now you have a lot of financial responsibilities, and you may not want to invest in a property. You may want to consider your earning capabilities too. Does your family need a vacation place that bad, or are there more important responsibilities out there?

These are the things you should consider before investing in a volatile market like vacation rental property. Usually, people invest in a vocational rental property after they are successful enough to invest.

You might’ve heard about ex-president Barack Obama’s investments in vacation rental property. When you’ve reached a stage in your life to make these big investment decisions, you will know.

Another mortgage

Mortgage payments are already a big hassle. When you buy your family home, if it’s in a good neighborhood with proper utilities, you face a long mortgage payment schedule that almost bleeds you dry.

On top of that, if you choose to buy a vocational property that you will not immediately need or cannot sell, then you will face a second mortgage. A second mortgage will not be favorable for you. Whenever you are making a vacation rental decision, first, examine your finances and check if you can actually manage the second mortgage somehow. If you are unable to do it, then do not make the investment.


Location can be vital for a vacation rental property. Any type of property at a good location can be a good investment, such as the Myrtle Beach condos for sale.

Especially, a vacation rental property needs to have good proximity to a vacation spot. For example, hunting cabins or fishing cabins with good proximity to a forest or a lake. Many vacation rental properties allow renters to have an abundant natural experience. Ranches are a good investment in this regard.

Sometimes proximity to a famous tourist spot could be of good value for a vacation rental property. While picking such a property, keep in mind the necessity to attract other people to rent or buy your property, depending on what you wish to do with the property. A vacation rental in a good spot will always increase its value, get you higher rent, and even become a good vacation spot where you can spend some time with your family.

Additional costs

First of all, look at the insurance you can get. Usually, vacation rental properties are more risk-prone. This is why the insurance premiums are hefty for this kind of property. Then again, if you rent it out, you will get rental insurance. Then the insurance might be considered tax-deductible, and you will save some money.

But there is always some form of tax on a property. This is where the location factor comes in again. You have to carefully choose the place where you invest. Not only is it important for the tax payment but also for other laws and regulations that you may face. If you are wondering how much tax you will need to pay we recommend that you do explore using a land transfer tax calculator. This should give you a rough idea of how much tax you will need to pay during the initial purchase.

In some places, it is illegal to rent out vacation properties. If you buy your vacation rental at one of these places and choose to rent out your property, then you may face a hefty penalty and finally, lose your property if it goes to court. So, if you are planning to rent out your vacation property, then you should check out the rent laws in the area before buying a property.

Then there’s the maintenance cost. Depending on what type of use you are planning to get out of the property, you should prepare for different levels of maintenance costs. If you plan to rent out, you will have to bear a large sum of maintenance cost as you will have to regularly tune your property, and there will be obvious damages from renting the property.

If you are planning to sell the property, then your property will see the least use. But still, you will have to maintain a level of usability for it to be sold. Besides, there will be some extra maintenance costs for brushing up before a sales visit.

If you plan to use it for just family use, perhaps you will need the least cost for maintenance. For normal family use on vacations, you will just need to maintain the main functions of the house and do little maintenance here and there. Besides, the maintenance, in this case, will be totally seasonal, and you can ask your family members for the work. So your maintenance cost will be minimal.

Considering all of these things and other possible hurdles and opportunities, should you consider buying a vacation rental property? The decision is actually yours to make. Depending on facts and reality, it is ultimately your decision to make.

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