5 Ways To Create A Functional And Stylish Nursery In Your Home

May 12, 2021

Decorating a nursery is the primary occupation during renovation or when moving to a new apartment.

This is understandable because every parent strives to give their child the best. However, often the variety of possibilities is simply confusing. This is especially true for young and inexperienced parents who are expecting their first baby. In this article, we will try to highlight most of the options for creating a nursery that is cozy and stylish at the same time. We will tell you tp what elements to pay close attention and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

The design of a room for a child will primarily depend on the age of its owner. For babies, one option is better, and for older children another. Let’s dive into the details.

Features of the design

When choosing in which room to place the child, pay attention to the presence of windows, their size and orientation. The nursery should be well lit. Give preference to a room facing south or southeast. In such rooms, the sun will be present almost all day. The best option for a children’s room would be a spacious room of a square or rectangular shape.

Parents often make the mistake of giving their children the smallest room. Place a bedroom here, you will not need a lot of free space, unlike a baby. For kids, their room is the center of the world, where they spend most of their time. This means that everything here should be comfortable for its young owner.

Basically, in the nursery, it is customary to distinguish several characteristic zones: 

  • Rest zone
  • Storage space for clothes
  • Zone for active games
  • Storage place for toys
  • Study area (for schoolchildren)

All these spaces should be organically combined with each other, forming a cozy interior of a children’s room.

Lighting in the nursery

The basic rule in lighting a nursery is uniformity and sufficiency. This is extremely important for the preservation and correct formation of vision. Ceiling lamps should be the main source of artificial light. Large chandeliers with fragile glass, crystal or paper parts should not be used. Active games often end tragically for such items. However, if the child is old enough, you can decide this with them. Connect different groups of luminaires with separate switches. So you can not only turn on full lighting but also highlight individual areas. Another very useful device will be the power regulator. It will allow you to dim the overhead light when preparing for bed or use it instead of a night light.

Particular attention should be paid to additional lighting for the student’s desktop. A table lamp is an indispensable item for a grown-up child’s room, and the shape, material and even color of the shade play an important role in the educational process. A cone-shaped lamp will help to better diffuse light over a large area, it will make it even and not too bright. The ideal material will be high-quality matte plastic, which will not heat up and melt during the prolonged operation of the lamp. Glass shades are too fragile, and you can burn yourself on metal ones.

Color plays an important role, as a too bright lamp will distract the attention of the little one. Therefore, choose a table lamp in pastel colors. The rigid attachment to the table will help prevent falls, and the flexible leg will provide the ability to illuminate exactly the desired section of the table. It is not recommended to use floor lamps in desk lighting.

Wall sconces are perfect for subdued lighting of the recreation area. The lamp of the original form will become an interesting detail in the interior of the room. The main criterion when choosing lighting devices should be their safety. When purchasing a lamp, pay special attention to the build quality.

Age difference

For the interior of the room of a very small child, a lot of furniture is not required. A cot, a small dresser for clothes, a changing table and an open display rack for toys. This will be quite enough in the first year of your baby’s life. As they grow older, a roomy wardrobe and a convenient table for drawing, sculpting and other creative activities will be added to the list. When choosing furniture, try to give preference to furniture made of solid wood, MDF or high-class laminated chipboard.

A children’s room, the design of which was created specifically for a preschooler or a primary school student, will differ in a much larger number of details. It is not recommended to make it too bright. You can add colors using textiles, decor elements or interesting lamps. The area for games comes to the fore during this period. This usually represents free space and storage space for toys. The interior for a child can be supplemented with a Swedish wall or a small sports complex. The young owner will be delighted!

Boosting creativity

During this period, children have their favorite hobbies, cartoons, heroes. Therefore, you can decorate the room in the appropriate theme. The options for the interior of a children’s room with stylization are almost endless. It can be a knight’s or princess’ castle, a pirate ship or a spaceship, a jungle, a fairy kingdom, a football team base, and much more. However, this styling does not mean that you need wallpaper with dinosaurs. Try to embody your idea in detail. For example, place a soccer goal in the playing area, or purchase stylish ball-shaped bean bags for visiting guests. This age assumes a quick change in priorities and taste preferences, so try to equip the room mobile enough to make the future changes not very expensive.

The studying zone

Furniture in a kid’s room should be stylish and functional. Do not use glass and other fragile materials for facades. Games with other kids often lead to inevitable repairs of such furniture. Particular attention should be paid to the writing desk. It should be not only comfortable but also interesting for the child since it can be difficult for them to concentrate. You can choose from a wide range of products available at nfoutlet.com.

Open shelves for toys and books are indispensable for the nursery and any other room. Their appearance can be extremely varied. The boring rectangular version of blind panels can be replaced with an asymmetric design, supplemented with bright facades, or lightened by replacing the sidewalls.

Particular attention should be paid to textiles. Beautiful curtains and light translucent tulle on the windows, a soft blanket and colorful pillows on the bed, as well as a long-pile carpet on the floor will perfectly complement the look.

The smartly designed nursery will become your child’s favorite place to stay. Thinking over all the details and not making mistakes in creating such an important place is not easy. For help, contact professionals who will assist you to arrange furniture correctly and choose the best color combinations with a careful consideration for ergonomics, which is especially important for a growing child.

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