Surprised? Young Teens Who Are Bullied From Harlem To Harare Are More Likely To Attempt Suicide

The scope of bullying has increased tremendously with the inception of the internet and social media. In a new study, researchers have found that taunts and teases can have lasting impacts on young teens. Continue Reading →

Traffic-Related Pollution Causes Millions Of Children To Develop Asthma From Harlem to Harare

Researchers from George Washington University recently conducted a study which found that traffic-related pollution causes millions of cases of childhood asthma from Harlem to Harare. Continue Reading →

Saving Electricity Can Also Save Lives From Harlem To Hollywood, New Study Finds

Keeping lights off when they’re not being used is a surefire way for consumers to lower their electric bills; however, it could also help increase their lifespans. Continue Reading →

NYC Emergency Management Hosts Moulage Training For First Responders And Community Volunteers

Preparing first responders for mass casualty events is an arduous undertaking. It is difficult to re-create the chaotic moments filled with dozens of injuries and casualties. Continue Reading →

Khloe Le A Healthy Journey From Harlem To Haiti

Continue Reading →

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