From Harlem To Hollywood CVS Request That shoppers No Longer Openly Carry Guns

In the wake of a string of deadly shootings, Walgreens and CVS are following the lead of other major retailers in the U.S. by asking shoppers not to openly carry guns in their stores across the United States. Continue Reading →

CVS To Open 1,500 HealthHub Stores

With a number of CVS stores in Harlem, at its annual investor day on Tuesday, CVS announced that it plans to open 1,500 HealthHub stores by the end of 2021. Continue Reading →

Hello, Walgreens Gets Smart Rolling Out Health Clinics Next To Stores

With a few Walgreens in Harlem, we were curious to hear that Walgreens announced Wednesday that it’s partnering with primary care provider VillageMD to open clinics next to drugstores in the Houston area, with the potential for a nationwide rollout from Harlem to Hollywood reports Consumer Affairs. Continue Reading →

Walgreens Plans To Sell CBD Products From Harlem To Hollywood

Walgreens with stores from Harlem to Hollywood is planning to sell creams, patches, and other topical products that contain CBD, the component of cannabis that does not get users high but is thought to have medicinal properties. Continue Reading →

FDA Pressures Walgreens And Other Chains To Stop Selling E-Cigarettes To Minors

Citing thousands of tobacco-related violations, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Monday requested a meeting with Walgreens corporate leadership as part of the agency’s ongoing crackdown on e-cigarette sales to minors. Continue Reading →

Walgreens Settles Charges It Overcharged Government Health Programs From Harlem To Hollis

The retail pharmacy will pay a total of $269 million in two settlements

With a number of Walgreens in Harlem, Consumers Affairs reports that Walgreens has agreed to settle two charges brought by the federal government and pay a total of $269 million.

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Walgreens Teaming Up With FedEx For New Prescription Delivery Service

Walgreens is really turning up its game, Earlier in the week, we wrote of Walgreens partnering with Kroger to sell food.
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