Smoking Vs Vaping Weed: Which Is Better And Why

Ever since its legalization in the US, cannabis became extremely popular in a short amount of time, especially for its medicinal properties.  Continue Reading →

How The Internet Is Actually Improving Customer Service In The US

Many people believe the internet has damaged the levels of customer service people used to expect when shopping in a traditional retail store. Continue Reading →

Understanding The US Political Divide In The Rural And Urban Areas

Geographic divides in the United States are central to contemporary politics; this is partly affected by the environment around people, population density, and the distance from metropolitan areas. Continue Reading →

Film “Us” Portrays People With Disabilities As Evil, Furthering Stigmas – We Should Know Better

Playing two roles in Jordan Peele’s new horror film, Us, Lupita Nyong’o used disability to create the “creepy voice” for Adelaide Wilson’s doppelgänger. Continue Reading →

25K Students From Harlem To Hollywood Give Their Views On Gun Laws

The March For Our Lives gathering is taking place this weekend and given the increased pressure put on our leaders from the fall-out from the Parkland shooting, an ed-tech platform used by over 1M teachers from Harlem to Hollywood wanted to help give students a voice on both sides of the issue. Continue Reading →

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