25K Students From Harlem To Hollywood Give Their Views On Gun Laws

The March For Our Lives gathering is taking place this weekend and given the increased pressure put on our leaders from the fall-out from the Parkland shooting, an ed-tech platform used by over 1M teachers from Harlem to Hollywood wanted to help give students a voice on both sides of the issue.

Newsela, a company that levels important news stories into five different reading levels for kids to understand, has just conducted a poll of over 25K 9-12th grade students here in the US about our gun laws.

A few interesting stats from the survey:

  • 45% said they “strongly agree” that gun laws should be stricter.
  • 36% said they “strongly disagree” and an additional 19% who said they “disagree” that teachers should be allowed to carry guns
  • 40% said they “strongly agree” that the minimum age to buy assault weapons should be raised to 21 years old.
  • Nearly split, 32% of students said they were “likely” to attend a protest or write a letter to a congressperson to voice their opinion on gun regulations vs. 31% who said they were “unlikely” to do so.

Who voted:

  • 25,538 students, grades 9-12
  • 3,513 schools with participating students
  • Participation in all 50 states + Washington DC

The full results and infographic can be found here

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