Online Gambling Surged During The COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Finds

COVID-19 lockdowns over the last year have significantly impacted consumers’ behavior. Continue Reading →

Teaching Kids Empathy Can Improve Their Creative Abilities, Study Finds

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge has found that teaching kids about empathy can benefit them creatively. Continue Reading →

Stress During Pregnancy Could Affect Baby’s Brain Development, Study Finds

Managing stress during pregnancy is important for countless reasons. Recent studies have found that heightened stress while pregnant can affect everything from newborns’ behavior to their overall well-being. Continue Reading →

Mothers Can Pass On Allergies To Infants During Pregnancy, Study Finds

Allergies affect consumers young and old. To better understand where they originate, a new study is now exploring how allergies are passed from mother to child during pregnancy. Continue Reading →

Having A Positive Outlook Could Reduce Memory Decline In Older Age, Study Finds

Though it can be difficult to always look on the bright side, experts continue to find ways that being more optimistic and positive can benefit consumers’ physical and mental health.  Continue Reading →

Obesity And Disease Could Be Linked To Evolutionary Diet change, Study Finds

As many consumers are looking to follow healthier diets, experts continue to find how the things we put into our bodies can affect everything from our immune response to life expectancy. Continue Reading →

Being Aggressive And Cutthroat Doesn’t Get You Ahead In Your Career, Study Finds

Staying motivated at work is crucial for employees’ long-term career success, but having the right attitude is also key for both personal and employment-related advances. Continue Reading →

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