Nooo, Flight Cancellations Mount As New Year’s Weekend Begins

Get ready for another rash of flight cancellations as we enter the New Year’s weekend. Continue Reading →

Dr. Randi’s World: Wellness Goals For The New Year From Harlem To Harare


By Dr. Randi Nelson

Whew! Here we are at the end of another year. The past 22 months have been the most trying that this generation has ever experienced, and we are still not out of the woods. Continue Reading →

Happy Harlem Holidays From Our Family To Yours

We are most grateful to have you as a reader, as a partner, and as a supporter.

Continue Reading →

4 Tips For The New Year, For A Productive New You In 2021

This year has taught many workers a thing or two about being productive when offices and homes blend into one. Continue Reading →

4 Tips To Powerfully Start The New Year, Despite A Broken Heart From Harlem To Harare

By Bridget Fonger

I recently heard that “January is the month of break-ups.” Snopes even wrote an article confirming the veracity of this saying. Continue Reading →

How To Sculpt The Figure Of Your Dreams For The New Year

Times change, and so do beauty trends. People used to idolize skinny bodies, but these days the spotlight is taken by a slim thick body. Continue Reading →

Five Grounding Tips To Center You For The Holiday Season From Harlem To Hollis

By Dr. Lise Deguire

As we officially enter into the holiday season, anxiety hangs in the air, with so many worries. Continue Reading →

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