A Guide For Healthcare Entrepreneurs: How To Start A Home Care Business

Do you dream of taking full control of your career in healthcare? Do you want to provide a personalized level of care to a specific patient group? Continue Reading →

Get Strategies For An Inclusive Recovery Supporting Low Income Entrepreneurship

Connect with the “Encouraging & Supporting Low Income Entrepreneurship in Manhattan,” talk about the new normal from the COVID Crisis to BLM. Continue Reading →

Business Challenges That Entrepreneurs Need To Be Prepared For

Diving into the world of entrepreneurship and starting a business is a goal many people have. They love the idea of being their own boss and pursuing their passion. Continue Reading →

Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest In Technology

Technology has, indeed, revolutionized businesses today. Entrepreneurs have become heavily reliant on it in helping them manage their company’s day to day operations. Continue Reading →

Harlem’s John Henry’s Secret Of Turning Side Gig Into Full-Time Gig

Mic Network reports in an article titled 7 Secrets Of Entrepreneurs Who Turned Side Gigs Into Baller Full-Time Jobs, in secret number 2, Harlem’s John Henry gave his advice on the smart moves he’s made.

Continue Reading →

Salters Scene: Epic + Co’s 7th Bi-Annual Trunk Show

Stephanie and Latoya Gordon

On Saturday, June 4th, the Epic + Co’s 7th Bi-Annual Trunk Show was held at Shop Studios located at 528 West 39th Street in Manhattan, New York. Continue Reading →

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