Business Challenges That Entrepreneurs Need To Be Prepared For

October 1, 2020

Diving into the world of entrepreneurship and starting a business is a goal many people have. They love the idea of being their own boss and pursuing their passion.

Unfortunately, operating a business isn’t always enjoyable or successful. If you are starting a new venture, there are many different challenges you could be faced with, at different stages in your journey.

Whether you decide to open a restaurant in Harlem or a hair salon in Atlanta, you will likely encounter some roadblocks. If you are not prepared for these challenges, it could spell the end for your business. Here, we will touch on some of the business challenges you need to prepare for.

Higher Expected Costs

While everyone knows running and starting a business costs money, some people tend to underestimate just how much it will be. Between marketing, hiring, and even equipment, you should be prepared to spend a significant amount. For example, something as simple and common as a fax machine can cost a fair amount of money.

However, there are often substitutes that your business can use in the modern day to reduce these costs, such as replacing outdated processes or equipment. In the case of the fax machine, for example, you can easily and effectively use an online fax service to fax from Mac or PC computers, as well as mobile devices. Other examples include cloud computing and accounting software.

Even though these cost-saving options exist, don’t expect to be able to start a company without saving and/or borrowing some money first. It is a good idea to perform lots of research on the costs (and ways to save), before starting a business.

The Difficulty of Scaling Successfully

Over time, every entrepreneur wants their company to grow in size and remain successful. Unfortunately, this growth is often one of the biggest challenges that a business owner will encounter. It isn’t as simple as reaching more customers. You need to put a lot of time and thought into how and when you go about scaling your company.

You need to be able to experience growth with little interference, without being held back. Scaling is all about adding revenue faster than your additional costs. If you try to grow too quickly –  before your revenue allows for it – you could end up losing a lot of the profits you have been working so hard to earn. On the other hand, if you take on more customers than you can currently serve, you are likely to make some customers upset, which could hurt your reputation.

Your company needs to have the staff, equipment, and materials necessary to grow before you attempt to grow. Don’t hesitate to take tips and inspiration from other companies in your space who have scaled appropriately as well.

Competing With Other Companies in Your Space

Perhaps the most direct challenge that you need to prepare for is your competition. No matter what industry you decide to enter, there will almost certainly be some competition. You will be going head-to-head with them for your customers, so it is important to know about your competitors, and what they have to offer. Competitive research is all but required in every industry.

You need to do some things to differentiate your company from others. This could be a different pricing scheme, better customer service, more options, or more eye-catching and unique marketing. If you simply do what everyone else does, at a similar price, you will have a hard time separating yourself from the pack. As a result, make sure that you have a differentiator or USP (unique selling proposition).

Preparing for upcoming challenges is a big part of being a successful business owner and entrepreneur. These can include managing costs, effectively scaling your business and the presence of competition. Without preparing for these challenges, you may struggle in your quest to become a successful entrepreneur.

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