Stretching Your Legs Could Help Prevent Disease, Study Finds

Though many consumers’ regular exercising routines are currently compromised because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still as important as ever to get moving and get the blood flowing. Continue Reading →

Converting Land For Human Use Increases Risk Of Disease Outbreaks, Study Finds

While researchers have found that changes to global temperature could expose consumers to billions of new infections, a new study is exploring how changes to land use could lead to similar dangers.  Continue Reading →

Experts Identify Link Between Food Insecurity And Heightened Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Recent studies have highlighted how limited access to food can affect consumers in a myriad of ways, including increasing the risk of obesity and premature death, and negatively affecting kids in the classroom and their overall development. Continue Reading →

Artificially Sweetened Drinks And Sugary Drinks Linked To Heart Disease

While most efforts to reduce sugary drink consumption have been aimed at the youngest population, recent studies have identified the heart health risks associated with a high intake of sugar-filled beverages.  Continue Reading →

Obesity And Disease Could Be Linked To Evolutionary Diet change, Study Finds

As many consumers are looking to follow healthier diets, experts continue to find how the things we put into our bodies can affect everything from our immune response to life expectancy. Continue Reading →

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