Inflation Is Taking A Toll On Many Households From Hawaii To Harlem, Poll Finds

Consumers are encountering higher prices at the gas pump, the grocery store, and the used car lot, and a new Gallup survey suggests that it’s taking a severe toll on many families’ finances. Continue Reading →

Attorney General James Urges Consumers To Be Aware Of Rights When Faced With Attempts To Collect Debt

New York Attorney General Letitia James today issued a consumer alert, informing New Yorkers of their rights when contacted by a debt collector. Continue Reading →

Used Car Prices Hit Record High In September

Consumers shopping for a used car last month encountered record high prices, according to the latest Manheim Market Report (MMR). Continue Reading →

Health Is Wealth, Changes To Wealth May Impact Consumers’ Cardiovascular Health

A new study conducted by researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital discovered an interesting trend between consumers’ wealth and cardiovascular health. Continue Reading →

Drugged Driving Is Becoming Potentially More Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

Drunk driving continues to be a serious concern for consumers of all ages. Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Lockdowns Have Led To A Lot Of Personal Growth For Consumers

It seems impossible that anything positive could have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Bath is seeking to prove just that. Continue Reading →

Daily Green Tea Or Coffee Could Lower The Risk Of Death For Consumers With Diabetes

Whether it’s coffee or tea, many consumers start their mornings with a caffeinated drink.

Continue Reading →

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