Plotting A Course To Match Harlem’s New Demand

Consumers starting to spend again has come at a time when BLM is urging customers to use black-owned stores, something which Harlem excels in. Continue Reading →

Don Lemon, CNN Anchor Leaves Sour Taste In Harlem As He Puts Apartment Up For Sale

There are perks that come with being a longtime anchor for a major news outlet. One of them is money, which CNN’s Don Lemon probably knows a little something about. Continue Reading →

It’s Mission Possible With Burger Kings New Impossible Veggie Burger

With a number of Burger Kings in Harlem, it was great to hear that Burger King is partnering with Impossible Burgers to launch a meat-free version of its Whopper.

Continue Reading →

Harlem Rep. Adriano Espaillat Responds To Trump’s Phoenix Rally

A couple of days ago, Rep. Adriano Espaillat (NY-13) spoke with CNN’s New Day host Chris Cuomo in response to President Trump’s unhinged remarks during last night’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Continue Reading →

Harlem Rep. Adriano Espaillat On Today’s CNN ‘New Day’

Sharing video from today’s segment, Congressman Adriano Espaillat shares his personal story with CNN “New Day” co-anchor Alisyn Camerota and discusses President Trump’s anti-immigration policies and the impact to the immigrant community.   Continue Reading →

Columbia Accidentally Accepts, Then Rejects Students

Those few seconds before opening an email about a university application can be excruciating. What comes afterward could be a wave of joy — or a wall of dread. Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton


As Harlem’s Inez Dickens was relected, Marisol Alcantara won Adriano Espaillat’s Senate seat, and Espaillat won retiring congressman Charles Rangel’s seat, Hillary Clinton lose the presidential election to Donald John TrumpContinue Reading →

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