10 Ideas For Ensuring An Equitable Small Business Recovery From Harlem To Hollis

A new report by the Center for an Urban Future published on Monday offers a blueprint for helping New York City’s minority-owned businesses make a full recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue Reading →

The Center For An Urban Future Has Tons Of Ideas From New Yorkers To Revive NYC’s Economy

The Center for an Urban Future has a new blueprint for NYC’s economic recovery, featuring concrete ideas from more than 175 New Yorkers from Harlem to Hollis to spur a lasting and equitable economic recovery in New York. Continue Reading →

Tech Jobs Are Fueling NYC’s Recovery, A Big New Investment In Tech Training From Harlem To Hollis Is Needed

By Jonathan Bowles

A month before the pandemic hit New York, my colleagues and I at the Center for an Urban Future published a report urging city officials to make a bold new commitment. Continue Reading →

Black-And Asian-Owned Businesses Grow While Hispanic-Owned Decline, Says CUF

The Center for an Urban Future reports that the latest study reveals that over the past five years the number of Hispanic-owned businesses decreased by 8.7 percent citywide, and by 23 percent in the Bronx. Continue Reading →

Harlem’s Marcus Samuelsson And Others Layout Groundwork For A Tourism Recovery In NYC

Last week’s Center for an Urban Future policy forum, “Laying the Groundwork for a Tourism Recovery in NYC.” Continue Reading →

NYC’s Glaring Racial Disparities In Employment, Reports Center For An Urban Future

In a new Center for an Urban Future report which concludes that for New York City to achieve an equitable and inclusive economic recovery.

Continue Reading →

Tren’ness Woods-Black And Others Help NYC’s Immigrant-And Minority-Owned Small Businesses Recover

In recent months, CUF has shined a light on the disproportionate damage done by the pandemic to the city’s immigrant- and minority-owned small businesses, while elevating solutions to help cushion the blow and ensure an inclusive recovery. Continue Reading →

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