Sure-Fire Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence!

November 5, 2020

How confident you feel about yourself is super important as it can affect your life in so many ways, such as the ability to get a job, making friends, meeting someone special, and also your mental health. If your opinion of yourself is low it will be very obvious to other people. Boosting the way you see yourself is much easier said than done, so take a look at these sure-fire ways of boosting your self-confidence!

Think about everything you’ve achieved

Sometimes self-consciousness comes from fear of disappointment rather than the aesthetic side of things. Perhaps you’re competing in your mind with an older, more impressive sibling. Or maybe your best friend always gets the guys swooning over her, while you’re sat there wondering why not you. Whatever your reason for losing that confidence in yourself, try and think about everything you have achieved in your life. Right from the moment you were born, you have achieved so many things throughout the years, yet it’s unlikely you’ve never given yourself credit for it. Reminding yourself of everything you’ve achieved will help boost your self-confidence!

Groom yourself!

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If you’re self-conscious in the aesthetic side of things, then there are plenty of things you can do to make yourself feel more confident in your own skin:

Practice a healthy skincare routine

Being kind to your skin is only going to favour your self-confidence. Practising a healthy skincare routine with regular moisturising will leave your natural skin glowing, reduce acne, and even help reduce any bags or dark spots underneath your eyes.

Improve your smile

There’s no doubt that when someone smiles, they instantly become more attractive. However, if you’re feeling self-conscious about the way your teeth look, you may be feeling reluctant to show a toothy smile. If it’s something that really bothers you, consider some affordable dentures to give you that pearly white smile you’ve always wanted. 

Colour your hair

Sometimes switching up the colour of your hair and doing something different can make the world of difference to how you feel about yourself. If you’re feeling bold, why not go for a whacky colour that will turn heads? Alternatively, you could choose a hair colour that will highlight your eyes.

Give yourself a Mani/Pedi

There’s no doubting that after you’ve visited the nail salon you feel incredible! However, due to COVID-19, you may not be able to visit right now, but that doesn’t mean your nails have to suffer! Spend some time filing them to your desired shape and painting them in your favourite colour. You’ll feel so much more confident with your nails looking good!

Treat yourself to a new outfit

When you’re low on self-confidence, it’s likely that you stick to clothing that will leave you unnoticed such as a regular t-shirt and jeans. However, you’re never going to feel sexy and empowered wearing the same clothes you’ve been wearing your whole adult life! Treat yourself to a daring new outfit and wear it to work. We promise you that you’ll be turning heads AND your self-confidence will skyrocket.

Do something that scares you

Quite often we’ll shy away from doing certain things because of the fear of doing it wrong and upsetting someone in the process. This then creates a shell that we crawl deeper and deeper into as our self-confidence fades. Break out of that shell and do something that scares you! Whether that be sending food back at a restaurant when it’s not been cooked properly, or asking that special someone out on a date, you’ll notice each time you do something you normally wouldn’t, your self-confidence will improve!

Smile more and often

Smiling and laughing have an incredible effect on the brain. Studies have shown that the mere act of smiling can lift your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system and possibly even prolong your life. While we know how frustrating it is when people tell you to “cheer up”, especially when you’re feeling low, try and find reasons to smile and laugh. If you’re happier in general then it’s very likely that your self-esteem will follow.

Challenge yourself

Much like doing something that scares you, challenging yourself to overcome or complete something is an incredible self-confidence booster! If you’ve always wanted to skydive, for example, you could challenge yourself to do it while raising money! The more you challenge and overcome, the higher your opinion of yourself will be.

Improve your social skills

If you’ve been a very closed off person for a long time, then it’s likely your social skills might be a little out of whack. Read up on today’s talking points, etiquette in social areas, and also any slang words you might find yourself hearing when talking to new people. Improving your social skills will give you the confidence to go out and meet new people without that fear in the back of your head.

Forgive yourself

We’ve all made mistakes, but things that happened last week, last month, or even 10 years ago are not going to affect your future from this point onwards. The truth is, you are the only one that decides what happens in your future and to live a happy life, you must learn to forgive yourself for mistakes in the past. Things you’ve done don’t define who you are now, and the mere fact you’re trying to become a better version of yourself shows exactly that. 

Exercise & eat well

Finally, if your self-confidence issues do stem from an image problem, then the first place to start would be looking at your diet and exercise regime! If you’re unhappy with your weight, then do something about it! A healthy and balanced diet paired with exercise will bring your weight to a healthier place and you’ll begin to start feeling more confident as you notice taughter skin and muscle definition.

With these tips you can boost your self-confidence both aesthetically and mentally!

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