Sponsored Love: Invisalign Maintenance Tips, Keeping Aligners Clean And Clear For Optimal Results

April 16, 2024

Maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of aligners is crucial for anyone aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes from their orthodontic treatment.

Proper care not only ensures that the aligners remain virtually invisible but also prevents bacterial build-up, which can lead to oral health issues.

Bacterial growth on aligners can happen if it is not cleaned well. This can cause infection or other oral issues. If you are using aligners then you should master the maintenance of aligners to maximize its benefit. If you need aligners then try Invisalign clear braces from BellaVista DentalCare.

Daily Cleaning Routine

Morning Care

Upon waking up in the morning make sure to rinse your aligners. This will remove any bacteria that was built up overnight. Check for plaques and deposit the brush them off. Aligners should be thoroughly clan before you place them in your mouth. 

Evening Care

After a days use of your aligners they need to be cleaned to take away the accumulated particles then dry off before storing them to avoid bacterial growth.

Soaking Aligners

Cleaning solutions for your aligners will be provided by your orthodontist, they are specific for keeping aligners clean and safe. Avoid using other chemicals as this could damage your aligner or even weaken the structure. 


Soaking time plays a significant role in keeping your aligners in top condition. It’s advised to soak them for only the recommended time to avoid potential damage. Typically, short daily cleanings are more beneficial than long, infrequent ones. This routine ensures that harmful particles are removed regularly, preventing build-up.

The condition of your aligners might require adjustments in soaking times. If they start showing signs of slight discoloration or have been exposed to more contaminants than usual (like after consuming heavily pigmented foods), increasing the soaking duration slightly can help restore their clarity.

Avoiding Staining Foods and Beverages

Foods to Avoid

To keep aligners clean and clear, certain foods should be avoided. Sticky foods are a major culprit as they can adhere strongly to the aligners. This makes them harder to clean. Examples include candies and chewing gum.

Hard foods pose another risk by potentially cracking or chipping the aligners. Biting into apples or hard candies should be avoided while wearing aligners.

Lastly, highly pigmented foods can leave unsightly stains on your aligners. Foods like berries, tomato sauce, and curry have strong colors that can transfer to your aligners, diminishing their invisibility.

Beverages to Avoid

Colored drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine have strong pigments that can stain your aligners just as they do teeth. Opt for water or clear liquids when possible.

Sugary drinks promote bacterial growth around your teeth and on the aligner surfaces. This not only risks staining but also increases the chances of bad breath and cavities.

Proper Storage

Storage Cases

Proper care of aligners extends beyond avoiding staining foods and beverages. Storage cases play a crucial role in maintaining aligners in good condition. Using ventilated cases helps prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to bacteria growth. It’s essential to clean the case regularly. This avoids cross-contamination between the aligner and any harmful bacteria that may have settled in the case.

Never store aligners in napkins or loosely. This risks loss or damage. A common mistake is wrapping aligners in napkins during meals, leading to them being accidentally thrown away or damaged.

Handling Tips

Good hygiene and careful handling are key to keeping your aligners clear and functional. Always wash hands before touching your aligners. This reduces the risk of transferring dirt and germs.

When removing them, loosen both sides simultaneously to avoid warping them out of shape. Handle with care to prevent accidental breakage. Aligners are durable but not indestructible.


  1. Use ventilated storage cases.
  2. Clean the storage case regularly.
  3. Wash hands before handling.
  4. Remove by loosening both sides at once.


  1. Store loosely or in napkins.
  2. Handle without washing hands first.
  3. Apply uneven pressure when removing.

Brushing and Flossing Teeth Before Reinserting Aligners

Brushing Tips

Make sure to use soft bristle brush as hard bristles can leave scratches on the aligners and may interfere with its function. The proper way to brush your aligners is in a circular motion to make sure every corner is cleaned.

Flossing Tips

Flossing plays a crucial role in maintaining oral hygiene, especially when using aligners. It removes debris between teeth that could get trapped against the aligner, causing discomfort or even decay.

Floss daily using gentle motions. Be careful not to damage your gums or any dental work you might have. For those hard-to-reach areas with aligners in place, consider using a floss threader. This handy tool makes it easier to navigate around wires and brackets if you’re undergoing combined orthodontic treatments.

Regular Check-Ups with Your Dentist:


Regular cleaning of aligners in the morning before they are worn and at night before they are removed is a must. Apart from that once a week deep cleaning will be best.


Proper care of aligners ensures they remain clear and odor-free. It’s normal for aligners to show minor wear over time due to regular use. However, significant changes in their appearance or smell could indicate improper care.

Keeping up with regular check-ups allows your dental professional to monitor progress and address any concerns promptly. They can provide personalized advice tailored to improve both oral hygiene practices and the condition of your teeth while using aligners for an optimal smile transformation.

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