Sponsored Love: Best Restaurant Supplies For Travel, Packing Tips And Essentials

May 6, 2024

Are you a restaurant owner or chef planning to take your culinary skills on the road?

Packing the right restaurant supplies is key to ensuring you can serve up delicious meals no matter where your travels take you.

In this article, we’ll cover the best restaurant supplies for travel and share expert packing tips.

Essential Restaurant Supplies for Travel

Here, listed below, are the must-have restaurant supplies to pack for any culinary adventure:

  1. Portable cooking equipment
  2. Compact food storage containers
  3. Lightweight serving ware
  4. Disposable takeout packaging
  5. Multipurpose utensils
  6. Collapsible kitchen tools
  7. Spill-proof condiment bottles
  8. Resealable ingredient bags

Choosing durable, space-saving items that can withstand the rigors of travel is highly recommended.

Packing Tips for Restaurant Supplies

Once you have your essential supplies, follow these packing tips to ensure everything arrives at your destination intact:

1. Use Padded Dividers

Prevent breakage by using padded dividers or compartments in your luggage to separate fragile items like glassware and plates. You can find affordable padded dividers at restaurant supply stores like Dean supply.

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2. Secure Lids and Caps

Make sure all lids and caps on containers and bottles are tightly secured to avoid leaks and spills. Use plastic wrap or resealable bags for extra leak protection.

3. Pack Versatile Items

Save space by packing restaurant supplies that serve multiple purposes, like tongs that can be used for cooking and serving or a cutting board that doubles as a serving tray.

4. Label Everything

Label all your supplies with your name and contact information in case anything gets misplaced during travel. You can also use color-coded labels to quickly identify items.

5. Comply with TSA Rules

If flying, make sure your packed restaurant supplies comply with TSA regulations for carry-on and checked baggage. Knives and other sharp objects should be securely wrapped and placed in checked luggage.

Recommended Travel-Friendly Restaurant Supplies

Lekhak Pravin, a writer, content creator and travel expert, has compiled a list of the top travel-friendly restaurant supply picks to help you pack like a pro:

Cooking EquipmentPortable Induction CooktopCompact, lightweight, heats up quickly
Food StorageCollapsible Silicone ContainersSpace-saving, microwave and dishwasher safe
Serving WareBamboo Plates and BowlsDurable, eco-friendly, lightweight
Takeout PackagingCompostable ClamshellsLeak-resistant, biodegradable, keeps food fresh
UtensilsTitanium SporkLightweight, strong, combines fork and spoon
Kitchen ToolsFolding Knife and Cutting Board SetCompact, includes knife and cutting surface
Condiment BottlesGoToob+ Silicone Travel BottlesSpill-proof, easy to squeeze, TSA approved
Ingredient BagsStasher Reusable Silicone BagsAirtight, leakproof, can be used for cooking

By investing in quality, travel-friendly restaurant supplies and following smart packing strategies, you’ll be ready to whip up incredible meals on the go. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in ensuring your culinary travels are a

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