Prepare For Your First Tattoo Session With These Tips

December 6, 2021

If you have decided to get your first tattoo, then you are probably extremely anxious.

There’s no denying it, tattoos can hurt, and while they aren’t as excruciatingly painful as many people would have you believe, they can be pretty uncomfortable. The best way to avoid suffering while you have a tattoo done is to prepare.

If you don’t prepare for your tattoo, then you will regret it. Tattooists all recommend taking a few precautionary steps before turning up for your first appointment. This article will tell you what those steps are:

Think Carefully

A lot of people get their heart set on a tattoo, then rush in and get one done immediately. This often results in people coming to regret their choice of tattoo. Make sure to give your first tattoo serious thought. Do you actually want one? If you decide that you do want one, then make sure you carefully plan out what image you want to be tattooed on your body. Instead of an image, you can also have a quote. If you are going to have a quote, make sure it’s something that’s dear to you. There’s no point in having a meaningless quote permanently etched into your skin.

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Consultation Booking

Once you have given your tattoo its due diligence, book your consultation. Make sure to book with an artist that’s well-regarded in the community, and that is licensed. You can find out how good a tattooist is by browsing their website or shop’s reviews. You could also ask people you know who have tattoos for recommendations. Try to avoid unlicensed tattooists, of which there are many. A tattooist who isn’t licensed isn’t covered by insurance, which can become a problem if they end up hurting you or making a mistake.

Numbing Cream

You may also want to invest in some numbing cream. You will find that tattoo numbing cream comes in very handy when you have your first-ever tattoo. Tattoos can be very painful. If you have a low pain threshold, then they can be unbearable. Many people have had to walk out of tattoo parlors with their tattoos half-finished because they cannot bear the pain. Numbing cream will prevent you from feeling anything, which will make the whole experience a lot more comfortable for you. Find a cream that’s not too thick, because thick cream can interfere with the tattooist’s stencil.

Consider Entertainment

For your first tattoo, you likely won’t want to sit talking to the tattooist. Instead, you will want to shut your eyes and wish the pain away. A good way to take your mind off of your tattoo is to put some headphones in and listen to music. Most tattooists prefer it when their customers do this because it allows them to focus on the matter at hand. Overly talkative customers can be very distracting. You may also want to listen to your favorite podcast or could even watch a movie.

Proper Clothing

You need to carefully consider what you wear before you attend your tattoo appointment. You don’t want to show up wearing something that gets in the tattooist’s way. If you are going to get a tattoo on your back for example, then you need to come wearing a vest or T-shirt that can be lifted up. If you are going to get a tattoo on your calf, then you should wear shorts. Consider the location of where you will be getting your tattoo, then wear an item of clothing that makes that area easily accessible for the tattooist, without you having to take your clothes off.

Eat a Good Meal

Before your tattoo, make sure that you eat well. If you’re not well-fed, then your body will have trouble recovering from your tattoo. The area where you get your tattoo is going to be painful in the days following. In order to reduce or prevent any pain, make sure to eat well. Eating well helps your body to recover, fights inflammation, and will make you feel much better. In addition to eating well, you also need to get the right amount of sleep. If you’re drowsy or groggy, you’re more likely to experience anxiety leading up to your appointment.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is very important. If you aren’t hydrated, your skin is more likely to be dry, and your body will react worse to the tattoo. Make sure to drink enough water every day in the week leading up to your tattoo. Most adults need over two liters a day, though this depends on one’s body weight.

If you are going to have a tattoo done for the first time, then you need to properly prepare. If you don’t prepare, you will experience pain, anxiety, and will feel very uncomfortable. Follow the suggestions made here, and the whole process will be a whole lot less stressful.

Thank of Machine

One of the most important things you should always have when you tattoo is a good tattoo machine. It’s like a paintbrush that you use to make beautiful art. Using the right and sterile types of tattoo machine is very important to getting good results.

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