Is Harlem Becoming The New Gallery District In NYC?

Call it the art-world circle of life: Gallery neighborhoods become too crowded and expensive for galleries to remain, forcing them to move to less expensive, more off-the-beaten-path parts of town—which then become too crowded and expensive for galleries to remain. And so it goes.

Under the Viaduct 2015 Pop-Up Premiere In Harlem

For the 2nd year, the West Harlem ArtFund will produce pop-up art under the 12th Avenue Viaduct in West Harlem.“Under the Viaduct 2015, is comprised of art; lifestyle experiences that disrupts everyday life for local residents” according to Savona  Bailey-McClain, Artistic Director for Under the Viaduct.

Church of the Master, West Harlem, 1930’s

The Church of the Master opened as the Morningside Presbyterian Church in November 1893. William C. Haskell designed a little Victorian style building in orange brick in a neighborhood called Harlem of recently built brownstones opposite Morningside Park.