Mental Health Medical Benefits Of Psilocybin Mushrooms

November 2, 2020

Psilocybin is mainly found in different types of psychoactive mushrooms, and it’s believed that humans have consumed it in religious ceremonies that date more than 9,000 years old. It is a highly mystical substance that’s been associated with a lot of religions, psychotherapy, and others. Interestingly, scientists still don’t quite grasp how exactly it affects the brain, specifically why it exhibits a very strong effect on the nervous system’s receptors. In this article, we’ll be extending an invitation to think about some of the very good reasons that might make you want to try psilocybin.

Rekindle Appreciation of Life

You probably heard about this in parties and psychedelic gatherings. Psilocybin can make you see life as if you were just born. The indescribable fascination you had with the world as a child will suddenly feel light compared to the one you will feel by ingesting psilocybin. This is, of course, highly dependent on the dosage and consciousness plateaus, but overall it’s hard not to view life from a completely different perspective. This can rekindle your hope and appreciation of life as the dullness you may occasionally feel will suddenly be removed from your chest. It’s recommended to maintain a perfect set and setting to ensure that this enjoyable ride of appreciation is uninterrupted by anything else.

Quitting Addictive Substances

One of the unique aspects of psychedelics like psilocybin is that it can actually help people quit extremely harmful drugs. It’s not unheard of for people to have serious epiphanies amidst their experience and start reviewing their addictions objectively without being shrouded by it. Psilocybin can help you quit some of the most resilient substances like tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and others.

This is one of the strong arguments that are usually used to show that psychedelics shouldn’t be classified as completely illegal drugs in many countries. If you happen to be in one of the countries that have psilocybin dispensaries, such as Canada, you might be in luck. You can directly buy magic mushrooms Canada offers from plenty of online stores from which you can order with complete ease you can even get rare mushroom strains too such as penis envy. But always make sure that you do so responsibly and safely according to the legal guidelines.

Creative Tendencies

It’s not unheard of for artists to use psychedelic to ignite the creative center of their brain. The creativity inspired by psychedelic can transcend a lot of the conventional methods used to inspire creativity. Similar to how meditation works after years of practice, psilocybin can actually accelerate this process to unprecedented levels, allowing you to truly find solutions to problems and seeing new perspectives that can add a whole different element to your work. Some people like to take very small dosages that are enough to spark some creativity but not enough to make them unable to focus on work, which can be a win-win situation.

Having the Best Experience Ever

A lot of people report that psilocybin can be a very fun ride for everyone involved. There are sure a lot of reflective pauses where you start thinking about the meaning of life, and we are all connected, but some other parts are all about enjoying your time and these new sensations, in addition to enjoying a great time with people close to you. As long as you’re following proper dosage guidelines and happen to be in a good setting, your experience should be fun and unforgettable.

Forging Bonds with Loved Ones

You might not notice it initially, but as you begin to experience the full effects of psilocybin with loved ones, you’ll start feeling that your bonds are becoming much stronger. A simple talk during the experience can actually resolve a lot of conflicts. As you and your close ones begin to resonate together as you, the effects of psilocybin become more pronounced; you’ll notice that your energies are becoming more synchronous and positive.

Transcending Inner Hardships

In a world filled with problems and inner conflicts, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed at many points in your life. Tackling your problems head-on takes a lot of courage. Combining it with the new and unique perspective of psilocybin can help you get over many hardships that may have been plaguing you for quite some while. Many psychotherapists use psychedelic to help patients with PTSD and clinical depression as an element in their course of treatment. While we don’t suggest that you attempt to treat such conditions by yourself without any medical counseling, it can be used to engage in minor inner conflicts in certain cases.

Many people seem to have a wrong idea about psychedelics, grouping it up with a bunch of other mischievous drugs. Psilocybin happens to be the active substance of the most popular psychedelic in the world and also the oldest. It’s hard to deny the marvelous effects that psilocybin can have on the human psyche. You might want to consult a doctor or a psychotherapist before you attempt to use them to ensure that you’re 100% alright.

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