How To Sleep Properly During The Quarantine

December 30, 2020

When Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic by WHO, most countries responded by limiting their citizens’ movement.

If you’ve been quarantined, you know it’s not all fun and games.

Being in quarantine affects the mental health and physical health of most people. It’s natural to become anxious when you don’t know what is happening in the world. Businesses are closed, probably you’ve lost a job, your close friends and relatives have contracted the disease and so many other problems.

The feelings of anxiety consequently affect the quality of sleep and sleep patterns. According to Alex Savy, a Certified Sleep Science Coach and the Founder of, “sleep might improve the immune system, which we need to fight the Coronavirus antibodies.”

In this guide, we’ve got you covered with some of the top tips on how to beat that quarantine insomnia.

But first, let’s look at why sleep is essential during the quarantine.

Why Is Sleep Important during the Quarantine?

Here are some of the reasons why you need to prioritize your sleep amidst the pandemic.

●         Sleep improves the cognitive functions

Quarantine isn’t the end of the world. Some of us need to work from home while children are also learning from home. Having quality sleep improves your memory, learning capabilities, and concentration levels.

●         Sleep improves mood

Sleeping for 8 to 9 hours helps you deal with emotions better. When anxiety and depression are taking a toll on most people, sleeping can control their feelings.

Lack of sleep makes people cranky, and they also tend to act out on those around them. The quarantine is already making life hard. You don’t have to make it even harder for those around you-just sleep the crankiness away.

Tips to Help you Sleep Better During Quarantine

Sleep, just like diet and exercise, are the key pillars to your wellbeing. Here is what you can do to have enough sleep amidst the pandemic.

●     Avoid screen time before bed

You’re probably wondering how you can stay away from your phone, tablet, laptop, or television, yet there’s nothing else to do indoors. Well, a lot of screen time before bed affects your quality of sleep.

The devices’ very bright light inhibits melatonin release, a hormone that determines how well you sleep. If you really cannot stay without browsing on your Instagram, then you can try dimming the light to the lowest possible.

●     Place your tumbler away

Amidst the confusion, anxiety, and feelings of depression, most people tend to use alcohol. Well, alcohol may make you fall asleep faster, but you won’t enjoy your eight hours as the alcohol subsides in your body. You see, when alcohol is leaving your body, you tend to have frequent visits to the bathroom, which distracts your sleep.

●     Don’t drink coffee

Well, not entirely, but avoid taking coffee 3 – 4 hours before bedtime. Coffee and other caffeinated beverages may affect your sleep because they act as stimulants making it hard to sleep.

●     Make your bedroom a haven

The condition of your bedroom can also affect your sleep. It’s paramount to make sure your bed is attractive enough. Clean your beddings regularly because who wants to sleep on dirty beddings? Of course, nobody.

Other than clean beddings, change your mattress when it becomes worn out. The bedroom should be generally darker than other rooms. Your curtains should be darker than those of different rooms. If you have blinds, draw them before bedtime. Also, invest in quality pillows to support your body, back, and neck.

●     Get some Vitamin D

If you get some sunshine early in the morning, it cues the circadian rhythm, which triggers sleep during the night. Depending on the measures placed to combat Covid-19 in your country, you can take a short walk or bask from your balcony. If you cannot do either of these, then draw your curtains and blinds to allow in some light.

●     Schedule some Exercise

Yes, most gyms are closed, but you can exercise from the comfort of your home. Many online exercises can keep you going as you stay safe. Besides, you can always ride your bike around the neighborhood or take some short walks. Just moving your body during the day can give you quality sleep at night.

●     Don’t consume the News

It’s worrying at the rate people are succumbing to Coronavirus. It’s even more depressing when it hits closer home affecting friends and family. The media isn’t helping with all the reports unless we’re talking of the new vaccine. Now, to protect yourself from too much worrying, you can stop watching the News.

This way, you can sleep without worrying about whatever is happening outside.

●     Check on friends and relatives

Not having the reality of the outside world can make you anxious to the extent of becoming insomniac. However, a simple act of checking on close friends and relatives can give you hope and the feel of what you had before the quarantine.

●     Create a routine

Everything requires some discipline, including your sleep. It would help if you established some strict meal times as well as sleeping patterns. For instance, if you decide that your sleeping time is 9 PM, you need to eat your food at around 6 PM.

Sleeping on a full stomach can make you uncomfortable at night. Spicy foods can also give you acid reflux that can make your night miserable.

In a Nutshell

Sleeping is vital to our wellbeing. With the heightened Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine measures, people are anxious and depressed. You can make your sleep better by following the above tips.

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