How The Shampoo You Use Makes A Difference To Cleanliness And Hair Quality

April 20, 2021

If you believe in a recent trend you will have stopped washing your hair. The theory goes that your hair will look greasy for a while and then after it’s passed the smelly stage, will be self-cleaning. Of course, the reality is that this works for very few people. You are better off washing your hair regularly.

More importantly, you need to choose a quality hair product, such as these from the nak hair range. It makes a difference in the cleanliness and quality of your hair.

The Research

Hair products and shampoos in particular aren’t just a combination of random chemicals and smell to make the manufacturer money. They are the result of hours of research by cosmetic scientists. The results of their research are published in scientific journals. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to access these journals or to understand the articles in technical jargon.

But, the key point is that every haircare product needs to be researched and tested before it can be sold to you.

The Elements Of Your Hair

Hair is essentially three components, protein, natural oil, and water. The water hydrates the hair, keeping to looking fuller and helping to ensure it is healthy. Protein is the key element of the hair and is the strength of the hair.

Natural oils coat the hair, protecting it from external elements and ensuring the water stays inside the hair, keeping it looking and feeling great.

Shampooing Your Hair

Every time you brush or wash your hair you risk damaging it. When you do this the protein cells in the hair no longer lie smoothly against each other. This increases the likelihood of damaging your hair and making it frizzy.

You may think that this would advocate not using shampoos.

How Shampoo Helps

The quality of the shampoo makes a big difference. A high-quality, well-researched product will have keratase and sulfates in. These actually have two ends, one repels water the other attracts grease and debris in your hair.

When you wash your hair the shampoo encourages the water to stay in your hair and removes the grease and debris which you don’t want in your hair.

In other words, a high-quality shampoo will make your hair cleaner and stronger.

Additional Tip

It is worth noting that over-washing is a bigger issue than using shampoo. Ideally, you should wash your hair every other day to prevent removing proteins and oil from your hair and scalp, keeping it healthier.

Of course, everyone is different and you should listen to how your hair feels and looks. This will help you to decide the best schedule for your hair and ensure it looks and feels fantastic all the time. Just make sure you use a good shampoo as it will help to keep your hair clean and healthy.

Finally, you should note that conditioners encourage the proteins to lie smoothly next to each other. This will help your hair to appear shiny and healthy while protecting it from debris and grease.

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