Exploring International Cocktails: Travel The World Through Exotic Drink Recipes

May 22, 2024

By HWM Partnership

As humans, our dreams of being world travelers usually bring to mind stunning scenery, unique buildings and museums, and tasty cuisines.

And what if you could see the world through a cocktail glass? Different cities have their cocktails that may be combined with others to create a blend of flavors that represent the global experience without leaving the house. This article will provide you with a global cocktail tour of the rich heritage and the novel ones at international destinations.

The Art of Mixology

Mixology or craft cocktails are no longer limited to plain cocktail making, instead it is a form of artistry fusing elements of inspiration, measurement, and flavor theories. The term used to refer to the combination of liquors is of the mid 19th century but the concept itself seems to be as old as cities. Mixology involves making a balance of the elements of mixers, alcohol, flavor and garnish in making a cocktail that is well blended so as to give sense to all the human senses. Hemp infused drinks bring a calming touch, refreshing your mind and soul.

Cocktail Culture Around the World

There is a unique cocktail culture in every corner of the world with a people’s inputs in ingredients, food culture, and tastes. From the whiskey base in North America to a citrusy character in Latin America the world of cocktails is full of amazing diversity and nectar like character.

North America

Classic American Cocktails

Old Fashioned: The drinks of the United States are in many ways defined by the popular Manhattan cocktail: whiskey combined with sugar and bitters and flavored with a twist of citrus. It is a drink that conveys the significance from the past in reference to the America cocktail culture.

Margarita: Margarita is a traditional cocktail drink consisting of tequila and lime juice with a flavored alcoholic spirit – for instance Cointreau or triple sec – with a salt rim on the glass. This is a cocktail drink that was developed from Mexico but is consumed in major parts of United States.

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Modern American Trends

Over the past years there has been a significant rise in bars as businesses in America particularly the ones that use newly formulated and high quality beverages emphasizing creativity and freshness. Think barrel-aged cocktails and home-made bitters.

Latin America

Tequila and Mezcal

Margarita Variations: Some other types include the Jalapeño Margarita which adds a bit of hotness to the regular Margarita and the Mango Margarita which uses mango juice instead of simple syrup for the drink.

Mezcal Negroni: Meanwhile, this particular variation of the classic Negroni cocktail is an invention that substitutes gin with mezcal – a long recognized smoky and complex spirit.

Pisco Cocktails

Pisco Sour: Made with Peruvian pisco, lim, simple syrup, egg whites, and bitters; this frothy citrus cocktail is a classic.

Chilcano: A more palate refreshing contemporary concoction using pisco, ginger ale, lime juice and bitters is the Chilcano and is ideal to be consumed on a hot day.


The Elegance of French Cocktails

French 75: It proves the alcohol in the drink by consist of Gin; lemon juice; sugar and champagne.

Kir Royale: This is one of the most impressive aperitifs as it is just the champagne and crème de cassis mixed together so the drink has a bit of bubbles and the taste of berries.

British Classics

Pimm’s Cup: Pimm’s is a quintessential summer treat in Britain and the Pimm’s Cup is its most loved variant. 2 with sparkling lemonades and berry and herb melanges.

Gin and Tonic: Atr Ginger juice with Tonic water Lime – The classic Gin and Tonic mix of gin and tonic paired with a lime wedge.


Japanese Whiskey and Sake Cocktails

Whiskey Highball: Whiskeysoda is a popular Japanese drink where customers are treated to whiskies and soda water mixed over ice to showcase the interesting, mellow tone of the Japanese whiskies.

Sake Martini: The Sake Martini is a flavorful drink with influences from both the East and west regions of the world in the form of vodka and sake mix; it is similar to a vodka martini but with an addition of umami.

Tiki Culture and Polynesian Influence

Tiki culture gained popularity through its fascination with the tropics which has led to the invention of many aggressive, fruity cocktails like the Mai Tai and the Zombie. These are sometimes cocktails made with rum and exotic fruits to appeal as if the consumer is in paradise – a sort of island.


Traditional African Ingredients

Traditional African cocktails will often use local flavors such as baobab, Hibiscus flower and rooibos tea and will often overlap with the familiar and the exotic category.

Rooibos Cocktails

For the choice of tea, there is the one called Rooibos tea which is also natural to the South African nation and its taste is more natural than any other tea, therefore it can be well met to collect it in the cocktail. Combine Havana Club with Rooibos instead of mint to replace a Mint Mojito with an equally refreshing Cuban cocktail.

Amarula-based Drinks

Amarula is another producer of cream liqueur that is indigenous to the fruit of Marula tree and is used in most alcoholic drinks in Africa. For instance, an Amarula Colada is a milky drink that is good for consumption at the end of the meal.

Australia and Oceania

Unique Australian Spirits

Australia is a nation of gins and rums artisans that embrace traditional flavors with touches of local botanicals.

Australian and New Zealand Cocktails: Profile and Consumption.

Espresso Martini: This drink consists of vodkas and liqueurs of coffee with a touch of espresso coffee for an excellent energy boost.

Pavlova Cocktail: That is why it is very comfortable to follow the Pavlova Cocktail though the name of it has been taken from the well-known dessert and is composed of vodka, passion fruit juice and whipped cream.

Home Bartending Tips

Essential Tools for Your Home Bar

To make great cocktails at home, you’ll need some basic tools: shake it up with a shaker, measure it out with a jigger, strain it, blend it with a muddler, and serve it in good glasses.

Basic Techniques for Making Great Cocktails

Shaking and stirring, muddling, placing the drink in layers – these skills are invaluable for any home bartender. Practice makes perfect!

Presentation and Garnish Ideas

If you decorate it well even the most boring drink turns into eye-candy. Be sure to garnish your drinks with zest from citrus fruits, fresh herbs and edible flowers and even a cocktail umbrella with the right colors.


Trialing international cocktails is a delicious and culturally enriching way to discover new and exciting ingredients and flavor profiles. The simple act of enjoying an Old Fashioned or Pisco Sour is an example of how their individual history is engraved in the spirits. Then why not take the chance and start your own cocktail world tower journey right from your home? Here is to adventures both taste and travel kind!

Please drink responsibly.

Photo credit: HWM.

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