Buying A Yoga Mat? Here’s What To Look For

December 8, 2020

Yoga has been around for such a long time – and for a good reason. Even if techniques didn’t change much, the equipment certainly did.

Nowadays you simply can’t imagine doing yoga without your trusted yoga mat! In order to feel calm, cool, and collected whilst doing yoga – you want to be comfortable, and that means getting all the required gear. Meditation isn’t easy for everyone, it takes time and energy to get there, but also, you need a bit of comfiness too, but not all yoga mats are the same, so not all of them are going to do the trick. Here’s what to look for when buying a yoga mat!

The price tag

Before you decide on looking at yoga mats – you need to determine your budget, lot’s of different yoga mats cost differently, it obviously all depends on the type, style, material, and whatnot. Since you can’t put a price on stress relief, you might want to pay a few bucks more to enhance the experience. When it comes to your wellbeing, you shouldn’t opt for the cheapest possible options, as you want to give yourself the best possible quality, and at the end of the day you’ll spend multiple hours daily on that yoga mat, might as well pick a durable and sturdier one, it’ll last you longer!


Thankfully, the sizing of the yoga mats is usually pretty standard everywhere – it’s 24 inches by 68 inches, but you can totally get a longer model, especially if you are above average height, you’ll probably need it. So this is not something you should worry about, almost all yoga mats are the same size!


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Now, materials are definitely something you should consider when buying a yoga mat, instead of grabbing just any ol’ regular yoga mat, why not see what’s actually out there! You’d be quite surprised that there are three main categories when talking about what are yoga mats made of, and those consist of:


Probably one of the most common types of yoga mats are the PVC mats – you probably imagined it in a nice pink color too…These mats have a particular feel and touch to them they are a bit thicker. Polyvinyl Chloride is a man-made material, and it’s sadly not biodegradable and eco friendly.


Now, you’d be surprised but there are even biodegradable yoga mats. Our planet is constantly being filled up with unnecessary waste – getting something natural will help stop in the long run. There are actually more sustainable options like cork mats for yoga that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable! Plus, they are more comfortable and usually more user-friendly than plastic ones.


Rubber yoga mats are sturdy, biodegradable but they do have a strong rubbery scent to it at first. These are probably the first things you think of when looking at a rubber yoga mat.


Some mats are thicker than others, but you want to see what feels best. You’ll probably do lots of stretching and moving around, so you want to feel comfortable. Your hands and feet are going to feel the most pressure – and so will your bottom! Getting a yoga mat that’s not thin as paper, but also has some durability and bounciness is the perfect pick – you want to keep a good balance between the two!


A decade ago you could only find yoga mats in basic colors like blue or pink, but the game is completely changed nowadays. Sure, the actual style and the color of the yoga mat might not be on the top of your priorities – there are far more essential things like the material or thickness, but on the other hand…who doesn’t like an aesthetically pleasing yoga mat, right? Now that we have the opportunity to actually choose from all sorts and kinds of styles and designs, we don’t have to settle for something basic and boring. The sky’s the limit, it all depends on your personal taste and what you deem pretty. If you pick a quality yoga mat, make sure you choose the right color scheme and style – you’ll have to look at the same yoga mat every day for a while!

Final words

When it comes to investing in something practical and useful, you should always look at the quality first. Those types of things if chosen right, can actually last you a really long time. Doing yoga isn’t just a fun activity, it’s a lifestyle and you should treat it that way. Consider all the factors that might determine what yoga mat is good, and make sure you always make sure you are always comfortable whilst doing something like yoga or meditation!

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