5 Tips On How To Manage Persistent Smoking Cravings?

November 17, 2020

Quite obviously smoking is a hazard, but not just for your own body, but also for everybody else around you.

Statistics exhibit that 443,000 people kick the bucket every year alone in the USA and 6 million worldwide because of smoking-driven illnesses — not to mention, secondhand smoke is also a leading cause of lung cancer and there are numerous other health complexities directly linked to it.  Even though it is a colossal risk, refraining from an addiction isn’t an easy job, especially when you have been submerged in it for a long time. However, it is never too late, and you can always put a stop to it. Here, we have rounded up some essential tips to help you divert from smoking once and for all.

1. Avoid Smoking Triggers

The easiest way to deal with smoking urges is to stop them from ever surfacing. By that we mean, get rid of anything and anyone that triggers your smoking cravings, whether it is alcohol, bad sleeping habits, or even your smoker friend. If anyone smokes in your family or social circle, ask them to avoid smoking around you. If they don’t, just distance yourself from such people.

Most of us smoke to deal with emotional and psychological problems — solitude, depression, stress, anxiety, and so on. So, it is best to root out the problem instead of wasting your energy on something that will go in vain in the end.

2. Chose A Safer Alternative — Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are battery-operated devices that turn cannabis into delicious and highly potent vapors. Compared to cigarettes, they are relatively safer, considering the fact that they are embedded with smart heating technology — convection ovens use hot air to warm the cannabis instead of direct combustion, which only draws out the potent part of the plant and not toxins and carcinogens. Not only are they safer, but also more fun and tasteful. Give it a try and you will be able to renounce smoking once and for all.

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As the first impression matters, you would be needing a quality vaporizer for successfully shifting from smoking to vaping. We recommend checking out the huge vape archive of Vapocorner.com, overabundant with high-quality products. The site is immensely regarded for its amazingly cheap deals, allowing the customers to get their favorite vape products at affordable prices.

3. Tackle the Cravings

Eliminating the addiction could be challenging as it roots deep in your mind and it can surface anytime and anywhere. And anybody can cave in during their moment of weakness. So, how can you prepare yourself to tackle these persistent cravings? Here are a few things you can try out:

  • Recall the reason why you want to quit to motivate yourself again.
  • Change the scenery right away when sudden urges hit you.
  • Set a reward every time you successfully tackle the cravings.
  • Keep yourself busy throughout the day.
  • Relax your mind and meditate for more self-control.
  • Avoid staying alone all the time.
  • Exercise or hit the gym and engulfs yourself in healthy activities.
  • Create an instant distraction to divert your mind onto something else.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water (not alcohol).

4. Ask Your Loved One A Favor

Let everybody around you know that you are trying to quit for good. This is a great idea for two reasons — they will avoid being a trigger and will constantly remind you of your goals. Don’t be shy to ask a friend or family a favor to help you out whenever you feel like giving in. Or you can join a support group for motivational counseling. You don’t have to regularly show up there, just a couple of sessions will be enough to keep you on track.

5. Therapies and Medication

If nothing works out, and the cravings overtake your will to move on, then you should seek professional help. Certain medications have proven effective against smoking urges, and help you quit faster.

What’s more, several therapies — motivational therapy, behavioral therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis, can help addicts get rid of this disgusting habit and find an alternative way to channel their energy. This might be a long-term process and may require considerable investment, but the results will be worth it.

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